Plan Less. Feel More.

You can take all the birth classes is the world, read all the What To Expect books and buy all the cute baby products, and still be left with the feeling that something is missing. What is it? What were you trying to grasp during your pregnancy that slipped through your hands and heart? Your partner did what you asked him to do and read the Dad Dude's Guide To Pregnancy, so what was actually missing? We've become a culture so used to information, and getting that information FAST, that we may have forgotten our roots when it comes to birth. Birth is NOT about assimilating facts from books, it's not about birth plans and other tools to plan your way through every possible decision that co

Doula Diaries: August 21, 2016 Birth Fairies, Vacations and Networking Parties

Ever wonder what it's like to be a doula with a family? I'll tell ya! Welcome to my doula life! My main characters are Mike, my superhero of a husband and father to our three children; Jace, my 11 year old guitar-playing, x-box loving, sharp-witted son; Kaia, my 8 year old sunshine daughter; and Ty, my 23-month old whirlwind of a toddler. And then there's me! I've been doulaing since 2011 and have attended more than 65 births to date and have taught over 100 couples in my childbirth classes. This is my full-time gig! With three children and a doula business, private and group childbirth education classes, evening sports and afterschool homework, staying at home as a full-time mom and also cr

Birth Announcement: Twins Severo Mateo and John Frederick

Twins are always such a treat, because they take the usual uncertainty that comes along with birth, and they add a little bit of flair on top! These sweet little guys were born at just 32 weeks which was quite unexpected. Mom and Dad Araceli and Adam hired me just a few weeks prior to attend the birth of their babies in late September. Weren't we all surprised when mom went into labor the night of August 3! These beautiful boys were born on August 5th weighing 4#15 oz and 4# 10 oz. Welcome to the world, Seve and John! Big brother and sister await their arrival at home. Join me in congratulating this beautiful family of 6!

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