How To Birth Smarter

Are you ready to birth smarter? If you're ready to embrace your responsibility of birthing your little one with strength and clarity of mind, read on. I'll share 6 ways you can birth smarter, with your preparation starting now. What do you mean, "birth smarter"? I mean what can you do to increase your chances of a more normally progressing labor, where you are informed of your options and what is happening during your birth, where you feel supported by and connected to your partner, with a calm mind even during moments of confusion or uncertainty. Sounds pretty darn appealing, doesn't it? Notice that it is NOT about achieving a certain outcome-based goal (as in, "I'm going to have a drug-f

Birth Announcement! Baby girl Burick, VBAC, Homebirth

I could not be any more excited to help welcome this little darling girl into the world! Baby GIRL Burick (still waiting on a name, no rush) arrived on Friday 9/16/16 at 1:41pm, right at home to her mom and dad, Allison and Joe. Baby girl is a perfect 9#15oz and is already loved by big sister Gabby and big brother Jackson. I nearly didn't take on this birth since September is a busy month, especially with it being a month that holds Birthing From Within class series. BUT...I CANNOT pass up a homebirth, especially after meeting this amazing mama and her crew. They are one of those families that are just bursting with love, not to mention their wit and sarcasm that made for a wonderful doula

Doula Diaries: Diving Into Birth Legos; September 10, 2016

I have this bet with my husband, or maybe more of a "deal." The deal is, I love my short hair. Mike has only seen pictures of me with long hair, down to the middle of my back, and he's always commented on how beautiful it looked. Well, there's this staircase I adore, I've only seen pictures of it, and I always comment on how beautiful it looks. One day Mike joked, dripping with sarcasm, "I'll build you your staircase when you grow your hair out." I was immediately IN! Yes! We shook on it and everything. So if you see me with awkward growing-out hair instead of my funky cuts, you now know why. And then the reality of building the staircase himself has started to sink in, and I think (I'm n

Birth Announcement! Vivian Arminda

This lil' darling girl is a brand new arrival! Happy *birth* day to Vivian Arminda, born yesterday September 7, 2016 to her ecstatic parents Melissa and Bert! Vivian is a petite 5#14 oz and was born at 4:03p, welcomed by Mom, Dad and big sister Vanya. What makes her story extra sweet? Vivian is a VBAC baby! In and of itself, that's just normal birth. But here in SW Florida? It's super sweet because she was born at the hospital with an OB practice that is not known for being VBAC friendly or supportive in the past. Some major changes in VBAC policy just last year (that I am proud to have played a small part in as one of the members of the VBAC Advocates of Lee County) helped make this o

Birth Affirmation

Maybe you're inching closer to your "due date," or maybe it has come and passed. Maybe you've got some extenuating circumstances (that do not need justifying) and you just really would appreciate baby's arrival to take some pressure off of whatever timeline you are facing. Maybe you're simply uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that you welcome labor if it means taking away the pain of another day of being pregnant. A really nice way to welcome labor is to acknowledge that it is wholly out of your control. Once we can give up control, or whatever you want to label the part of yourself that likes to cross off items on your to-do list, we can settle into something more true, more in line with la

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