Birth Announcement! Baby Lincoln Jean is here!

On June 2, 2017 proud parents Esther and Kevin welcomed their first baby into the world. Introducing Lincoln Jean! Your mama and dad have been so excited to greet you! This beautiful boy was an even 7# at birth and born at 3:13am early on Friday morning. Esther and Kevin were referred my way early in their pregnancy. It was a pleasure getting to know them both through Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes (and Esther enjoyed some of the back pain relieving exercises she learned through Spinning Babies exercises!). Here on the right you can see Esther and Lincoln just after he was born via cesarean. Esther's labor included days of prodromal labor and many twists and turns. As ma

Birth Announcement! Welcome HBA2C Baby Enzo

Join me in welcoming Enzo Luca, 8# 6oz, third child of Julija and Vincenzo Cartelli, born Wednesday morning at 5:45 in the water, at home. May 31st was already a special day; Enzo chose to arrive on his big brother's 4th birthday! How many people can say they share a birthday with their brother? How special! And big sister Juliana gets the special treat of being the only girl. A truly blessed family. The story gets even more sentimental, as I recollect big brother Gianni's birth, for whom I had the pleasure of offering doula care to his mom during his pregnancy journey as well. To be present today for Enzo's birth, while sharing time with my doula baby Gianni, was a special treat! Vincenzo

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