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Birthing From Within®

          Online Course

Planning an awesome birth?

Blind trust in your doctor WON’T get you the birth you want.

I’ve seen it firsthand…new parents invest their faith in their doctor and their hopes that their birth will be easy…and yet they’re stuck afterwards with the feeling that they were duped at best, and with legit birth trauma or more at worst.

It’s time to do things differently. Our birthing class students go from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed and lacking support for their birth preferences (including how to cope through intense contractions) to welcoming birth’s uncertainties with strength of mind and emotional clarity…especially VBAC parents.

But maybe you feel you're so busy with work and life and your older children that finding the time for birth classes isn't happening?

Now offering *live* classes

          as an Online Course

               from the privacy of your own home.

This is an extremely unique way to go about taking a childbirth class, and fits right in with the Millenial experience with an abundance of opportunity right at your fingertips.  The other online childbirth classes out there are lecture style; i.e. the instructor speaks to the camera with a very structured outline of topics. Sounds a little boring to me!


This course is different in that it's a REAL class happening in REAL time, livestreamed to you in your home, your living room, or wherever your laptop, ipad or even your phone will take you! You are participating in an actual childbirth class with real parents and an instructor who is more than that. I'm your Birth Mentor, your Childbirth Educator and your Certified Doula. I've mentored more than 100 couples since 2010.  You're in good experienced hands.  


So how does it work? Every week, I'll send you a link prior to our Monday night live Birthing From Within class. You'll then click the link at the start of our class time and you'll be transported right into my teaching space with access to our entire live group. You can see, hear, participate in and be a part of class discussions via the Zoom video platform. I'll be able to see you during class, so whenever you have a question or comment I can help you to jump right in.


Birthing From Within speaks to YOU as the birthing parents, not to you as patients or as students.  You'll hear real fears, worries, questions, struggles, experiences and triumphs throughout the course of the 4 livestreamed video series, with just the right amount of practical information to teach you and your partner what you really need to know.  

Online course is ideal for:

  • Parents planning a VBAC or TOLAC

  • Those who are interested in the subconscious processes required to master and combat fear and pain

  • Parents seeking space to process their first birth(s)

  • Parents with older children who still desire childbirth education to honor *this* pregnancy

  • When childcare is a barrier to attending live classes

  • Involving fathers/birth partners when work schedules can't accommodate group class schedule

  • Parents who still want a group feel to their class but enjoy learning in the privacy of their own home

  • Pregnant mothers on bedrest, gestating twins or for whom mobility is otherwise limited

Livestream 4-week series, 2.5 hours each (10 hours total)

  • Online Group Course $399

  • You'll have access to one class per week for 4 weeks, with a group of parents you can virtually "meet" in our private Facebook group (partners too!), with limitless Q and A 

  • Course lasts one month and costs $399 in total

  • After registering online, you'll receive a detailed email confirmation including how to connect to the Facebook private group. You'll have instant access to Christine and other course members. 



"Sounds great, Christine, but can I learn a little more about the class content? What's in a Birthing From Within class, anyway?"

We're so glad you asked! Click the link below to learn more about Birthing From Within childbirth education classes.

You'll practice pain-coping exercises along with each class, you'll watch the same supplemental videos the live class watches, and you'll get the same digital handouts the live class gets.  You'll benefit from Birthing From Within processes that you'll experience and learn from, and you can view the 5 class livestream along with your partner, your mom, your sister, your best friend...whoever will be supporting you at your birth!

Awwwe, stop it! 

Testimonials from real class participants

"My husband and I attended Birthing From Within classes in February of this year, as our second child was due in April. With our fist child we went the hospital route and took the hospital birth preparation classes. The classes were informative but when it was time for my son to be born, both my husband and I felt unprepared and did not go to the hospital knowing at all what to expect. 

We chose to take birth classes with Chris the second time around because I was planning to have a VBAC at home with a midwife. I wanted to make sure that my husband and I were much more prepared for laboring and birth the second time around. I was induced with my first and I felt like a first time parent in the sense that I had never went into labor naturally and wanted to be as prepared and we'll informed as possible this time around.

I have to say that classes with Chris were everything that the hospital class was not. I felt prepared to handle contractions because we practiced breathing through them and pain coping mechanisms. We were able to "role play" what type of support you are most comfortable receiving from your partner so that when you are in labor there is no having to guess and causing additional stress to you while you are laboring. 

We talked about our hopes and our fears in birthing and made room for alternative outcomes since birth is not predictable. 

I grew closer to my husband and felt like we could conquer anything as a team... including a home birth. 

Classes with Chris left us feeling fully prepared for birthing. Exactly what birth class should do. I credit it that to an experienced, creative, and extremely well informed instuctor." -Renee, mom of Andy (2) and Melia (5 months)

"There is so much value in attending Birthing From Within. I attended while pregnant with my third child who was my second vaginal birth after cesearan (VBAC), who also happened to be a HBAC ;) Friends often wonder why as a third time Mom I would have a need for a birth class. This class is nothing like the classes I took at the hospital during my first pregnancy. This class focuses so much more on the emotional aspects of birth and natural pain coping techniques. If you are expecting for the first time you may not realize what an emotional process birth is, and your partner may not realize it even after you have had one or two or more children. Chris does such a good job explaining what a Mom may be going through in labor and delivery in a way that your partner can begin to understand and empathize. You both come out of this class so much more prepared for the diffent scenarios you can be thrown. Spinning Babies techniques are also a huge benefit to attending this class. Not only do these techniques help when practiced daily to make Mom feel more comfortable in the end of pregnancy but they help get baby in the proper position for birth which can shorten labor and delivery. 

Now when my husband explains to other soon to be Dads the importance of being prepared with attending this class and/or hiring a Doula he blows me away with his clarity on the subject. He says "Your wife will forever remember her birth experience, it is well worth the time and money to do everything you can to ensure she can always look back on a positive experience." -Mary, mom of Jacob (5) Will (3) and Leah (1)

"I knew just minutes into meeting Chris that I wanted her involved in my birth in any way possible because she has the most calming, reassuring and loving way about her. Her energy is almost indescribable. Birthing From Within classes were by far one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences my husband and I have been through, leading up to the birth of our daughter. Unlike any other "birth class" you can take! The emphasis on the partner's role in labor & birth was really a huge part of the classes and I thought it really brought us closer in regards to both pregnancy and the entire birth experience. The intimate setting was so comfortable and put us at ease to be involved in class. Both my husband and I are SO thrilled we decided to sign up for Chris's classes AND hire her as our doula. During labor, my husband knew just what to do and how to support me because of the birthing from within classes. We knew how and when to make certain decisions and Chris was there to support us 100% the whole way through. I couldn't imagine going through those 26 hours without Chris. Even though my birth did not go as planned, I wouldn't change one thing about any of it. It's hard for me to find the words to express just how wonderful this woman is. I would recommend that anyone considering her classes or her doula services to stop looking because you have found HER.

❤️Chris, you will forever be in our lives & hearts, we will never forget that experience. Thank you for all that you've done for us and our little family!! ❤️" -Lori, mom of Sage (1)

Since 2010, I've taught hundreds of couples in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples and have attended 100 births, achieving the highest level of Birthing from Within certification - a four-year process.  My training also includes Spinning Babies for Optimal Fetal Positioning by Gail Tully in 2013.  You're in good, experienced hands.  


Your birth worries, excitement, skepticism, knowing too much and desiring to know more, it's all normal!  I'll guide you through what you really need to know to birth your baby.  Promise.

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