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Why Doulas Rock (A New Year's Top 12)

It's New Year's, that time of year for dreaming big, setting goals, and enjoying personal growth. What will 2017 have in store for you?

Maybe you're pregnant or maybe it's a dream or a goal for the upcoming year. Whatever the case, you will want a doula on your team! I wrote the following top 12 list a few years back, and it's still one of my favorites.

Why Doulas Rock:

1. We believe in birth, and we believe in your innate power as a birthing mother.

2. When others try to talk you out of your birth choices, birth place, and birth provider, we support you.

3. We understand when to step in and when to step back. It’s YOUR birth, not ours! If that means you need some time to connect with your partner, it’s yours. If that means you need some extra reassurance, it’s yours. If that means you need the chance to talk through your options, it’s yours. We are here for YOU.

4. When everyone else in the room looks panicked, we take a deep breath and connect with the moment. Sometimes the reassuring eyes of your doula can bring you back from that place of fear and into love.

5. We know how to keep your partner (and your mom) calm, too.

6. We can tune in to your needs without your having to say a word. So when the fog of labor begins to set in and you feel like you can’t express yourself outwardly, we tune in to your inner needs. Relax! We got ya covered.

7. Water? Sure. Ice chips? If you’d like. Back massage? You bet . Guided visualizations, birth affirmations? Yes. Aromatherapy, music, candles? Yep. An advocate, completely on your side? Naturally. What else? My list could go on and on. But this is all about you.

8. We can help you reframe what you think a “long” labor is.

9. We’re not afraid of how you handle the pain. We’re not afraid of pain, in general. In fact we can help you understand why it’s actually a positive thing in birth, and how it can help you listen to what your body is communicating to you. And if your labor is pain-free, we believe you.

10. We can help everyone in the room put on the brakes when a situation seems urgent and isn’t. Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to think and make a decision, uninterrupted. We’ll protect that space for you.

11. We will never judge the way in which your baby chooses to enter into this world. And if you judge yourself, we will hold your hand and help you remember your innate power as a birthing mother.

12. We have a soul-connection to you and your babe, lifelong, even if we never see each other again. But chances are, we’ll see you often. Because our connection is deep.

Much love to all of my doula families, doula babies, and doula sisters!

Peace to you all....


P.S. Class is filling up for February's Birthing From Within childbirth education 4-week series! Click here to register!

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