Birth Announcement! Welcome Arielle Micháel Shevlin

Join me in welcoming Arielle Micháel, born July 11 at 7#14 oz! Proud parents Tasha and Tim couldn't be happier. What a gorgeous baby!

Tasha and Tim found their way to Distance Doula Care early on in their pregnancy. They knew that DDC would be a good fit especially with Tim's background in Personal Training where he coaches and encourages daily (just the qualities needed in a supportive birth partner!). As a couple, they took their commitment to their birth preparation seriously and also laughed every step of the way (when I picture them both, their easy, lighthearted smiles come to mind). They took Birthing From Within class and learned ways to cope with the unexpected all while planning how they'd like their birth to unfold.

Enter the Birth Fairy!

It's always tricky when the amniotic fluid breaks and contractions are slow to start. In Tasha's case, they were nowhere in sight even with numerous tried and true tricks (think Spinning Babies, homeopathy, nipple stimulation...) With a rise in Tasha's temperature, she knew her best move was to head to her birth place. This is a great example of why we expand your perceptions in BFW class. We all have an idea in our head of how our birth will unfold, such as a natural and straightforward birth experience, laboring at home as long as possible; and sometimes the unexpected happens in birth (or shall I say, often happens in birth?). Tasha did what needed to be done, which included medical support to get contractions going as well as a very compassionate use of the epidural after being awake for a long time and mentally and physically exhausted. And you know what? After lots of digging deep and making tough decisions, she pushed this beautiful baby girl out into the world, with her husband by her side. She shared with me today that seeing his joy on his face as she birthed their daughter was one of the greatest feelings she has ever had.

Welcome, baby Arielle. Your mama is one tough girl. Enjoy moments, the joy, the chaos, the tears and the bliss. It's all part of the journey.

With love,


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