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Birth Announcement: Homebirth baby Ruthie Renee 1.5.18

new parents and newborn

Ruthie Renee is here! This 5# 7oz sweet baby girl was born right at home to her parents, Rachel and Miguel. Rachel and Miguel worked so well together! I simply adore the parents I am blessed to work with. Rachel and Miguel chose a private Birthing From Within class session and it was like a switch turned on in Miguel. He "got" it. Fast forward to their labor and I could not have asked for a more supportive partner for my birthing mom! He was by his wife's side the entire labor, supportive and non-judgmental, hands-on and engaged. We talked briefly at our postpartum visit about BFW class and how it helped set the tone for their birthing day and awakened them both to what would need to be done during labor's call. BFW for the win!

Rachel and Miguel have the most beautiful fireplace in their living room, which is where we gathered in anticipation of Ruthie's arrival for most of the day. At one point in the morning, Rachel's midwife had the wonderful suggestion to bring that fireplace to life as we Floridians toughed out one of winter's chillier cold fronts. That fireplace made this birth feel magical!

Ruth's birth is one I'll always remember, and am so thankful to have been invited to. Join me in congratulating first-time parents Rachel and Miguel, and in welcoming baby Ruthie to the world.

Love birth!


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