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Announcing baby Ruby Liliana, born 3/27/22 to Mindy and Ryan

"Mindy and Ryan are the closest I think I’ve witnessed so far as a doula, to parents whose baby was spontaneously born on their due date. It's a stat that only about 10% of babies have! Most times parents are induced or scheduled, or baby comes well before or well after their due date. But in this case, one day I was sending her positive wishes on her due date, and the next day it was GO time! Birth is like that; sometimes your body gives you several signs that labor is near, and then other times it seems to happen out of nowhere.

Mindy and Ryan took our 3 week Birthing From Within class in January, and were ready for anything that might come their way during their labor. We talked about their wishes, their hopes, and their worries about their upcoming birth during our doula prenatals in their home.

I love witnessing it all unfold as my doula families discuss their options, and call their own shots during their births, with a little doula support! Education during pregnancy is KEY to navigating through labor and Mindy and Ryan knew what to do.

With minimal pushing, baby girl Ruby was born!

Mindy worked SO hard, and Ryan supported unwaveringly. They were also blessed with an incredible nurse (Rita!) who went above and beyond to comfort Mindy as she labored.

Congratulations again to Mindy and Ryan!"

Ruby Liliana Born 3.27.22

My doula best,

Christa + the Mindful Birth Doulas team


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