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Sweet Redemption: A birth center birth after twins! Meet baby Enslee born 9/8/21

"For me, sweet Enslee’s birth was one of redemption. My husband, Phil, and I are blessed to have 5 year old twins. The hospital bed rest, delivery, and monthlong NICU stay that accompanied their pregnancy was not what I had imagined it would be. However, because I was able to deliver them vaginally, I was “allowed” to birth Enslee at a birth center, and I am so thankful for the experience. Having been induced with the twins, I had no idea how long my body planned to carry Enslee. The work side of me had a goal date in mind, but ultimately, I wanted my body to deliver her when it was time. On Wednesday, September 8th, I woke up and started getting ready for work when my water broke. I texted the birth center and my work to let them know I was going into labor, and then I helped get the girls ready for school. l was emotional sending the girls off to school knowing this was our last day as a family of 4, and I was still amazed and in disbelief that today was likely to be “the day.” I texted our doula, Tara, to let her know that my water had broken and updated her on how I was doing. I needed a few last minute things for labor and delivery, so I quickly ordered what I needed from Target, and Phil went and picked it up. I finished packing my bag and food, and then I tried to rest, but it was difficult since I had just woken up. Phil was clocking my contractions, and as they moved from 9 to 7 to 4 minutes apart, we both decided it was probably time to head to the birth center. They were not intense yet, but since this was my first spontaneous labor, we did not want to risk labor being too intense during our 45 minute drive to the birth center. When I arrived at the birth center, the midwife checked me at about 1:15 PM, and I was dilated 2-3 cm and 60% effaced. The midwife had me pump for an hour to help my body progress. After sitting on the birth ball and pumping for an hour, I went on a walk outside with Tara while Phil ran to the store to buy castor oil smoothie supplies just in case. While walking, Tara timed my contractions (they were about 2-3 minutes apart), and I could no longer talk during them. I threw up my lunch, and I knew that my body had made some progress. When we came back inside, my midwife said we were going to hold off on the castor oil smoothie, because she felt like I was progressing at a positive rate. The next two hours were full of intense, regular contracts. Phil & Tara helped me find comfortable positions, massaged my back, kept me hydrated, handed me fresh emesis bags, and calmly encouraged me the entire time. I have an amazing husband who was very attentive to me, but we are both so thankful for Tara. She was able to anticipate needs and coach Phil with methods of support. Her knowledge and guidance were invaluable to Phil and me, and I would never want to birth without a doula beside us. During the contractions, I kept tensing my body to help with the pain. I told Tara that tensing felt better, but she calmly reminded me that tensing counteracts the work of the contraction. I specifically remember when I stopped tensing and fighting the contraction and focused on working with the contraction: I could feel a huge shifting in my body and knew my contractions were being more productive. I asked my midwife if I could get in the tub, so she checked me again at 5 PM, and I was 6-7 cm and almost complete. She started the water, and I went back on the birth ball while the tub filled up. When I got in the tub, I asked the midwife if I could push, or if I needed to wait. She gave me the approval to push, so when my next contraction came, I started pushing. The water definitely felt so wonderful: I could feel my body contracting, pushing, and bearing down, but the water provided some natural pain relief. I could feel every expansion and that metaphorical ring of fire, but the water brought helped take the edge off. I don’t recall how many contractions I had in the water (maybe 5?), but my midwife could see her head and noticed that it wasn’t coming out at an ideal angle - I think her forehead was presenting first. She asked me to get out of the water and onto the bed so she would be in a better position to assist the baby if needed.

Having pushed on a bed for 4+ hours with one of my twins, I thought I had a few more hours ahead of me, and I was a discouraged to be out of the water. But after my first contraction on the bed, my midwife told me to reach down and touch her head. I’m not going to lie - it did not feel like a head, but she assured me it was. During my next contraction, she had me pull up my own knees and hold them while I beared down. With a final focused push, I felt Enslee’s entire body leave me, and I was in disbelief that she was completely out. The midwife told me to hold her, and I brought her up to my chest. My midwife started doing all the things they do to check on newborns, and I was so emotional as I held my tiny miracle - in utter awe that she was earth-side. Phil checked the time on his phone, and she was born at 6:03 PM - twelve hours after my water broke.

We decided to take care of all of the post-delivery tasks that needed to be completed on me right then so that I could rest and bond with Enslee the remainder of my stay, so Phil cuddled with our baby girl as I was being attended to. Seeing him interact with our freshly born baby was an unspeakable joy that we had missed out on with our NICU miracles. Phil was with Enslee as they did her newborn examination (she was 6 lbs, 13 ounces and 19.75 inches long), and then we all were able to bond on the bed awaiting our discharge. At 10 PM, Tara helped Phil load the car, and we drove home with our newest addition. As we crawled into bed that night, I was still in disbelief that my baby girl was beside me. I had no idea that morning when I got OUT of bed that she would be next to me when I got back INTO bed that same night. I am so thankful to my God, Jesus Christ, for His blessings. From a smooth pregnancy to a safe delivery, I know His hand was on Enslee and me the entire time. God is so good."

-Authored by Taylor Locke, mom of three amazing little humans

Please join us in congratulating Taylor and Phil on their latest miracle! We are overjoyed along with them and their beautiful birthing experience.

Our best,

The Mindful Birth Doulas


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