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"We Are the Dancers, We Create the Dreams"...Celebrating the birth of baby Florence Daniel 1/30/2020

Today's birth announcement is written by our Mindful Birth Doula, Emily.

"With a full heart I invite you to welcome a very loved Florence Daniel who was born on January 30, 2020! This tiny bundle of joy weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. stretched a whopping 18 1/2 inches.

My wish for my doula clients is for them to find the flow of labor that brings them ease and comfort so they can experience the closeness and the intimacy that bought them together in the first place. It brings me joy as their doula to see the result of that love manifest right before my eyes.


A Practiced Dance

If you ever met Vitina & Marley I’m sure you would agree that they have a dynamic relationship. As their doula, I especially appreciate their communication style and how they prefer one another. There’s definitely a lot of love and understanding between them. Relationships are challenging in many ways and being a gay couple can add to those challenges. I observed how this couple moved through the challenges of conception, pregnancy and delivery with such grace and self-reflection you would think that they have practiced this dance before.

What I recall most from supporting this birth is feeling so appreciative for being able to witness and participate in this intimate dance, the dance of labor. I gently observed as this couple entangled themselves with labor's movements, while we maneuvered abdominal lifts on the hospital "dance floor" to keep labor progressing.


The unchoreographed dance routine shined during a labor that was characterized by great compassion and love for each other, as they moved in sync throughout their entire labor to welcome their baby. Welcome to the world, baby Flora!"

My doula best,


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