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Mindful Birth Services Childbirth Classes are designed to empower parents and release their fear, while also encouraging them to learn pain-management techniques while accepting the birth process; ultimately surrendering to it.


Our childbirth class is based on the “Birthing From Within” curriculum and is intended to prepare expectant parents to give birth in awareness, not to achieve a specific outcome. We prepare parents for any birth option they choose. Whether the desire is for a medication free birth, a medically supported birth, a vaginal birth after a cesarean, a homebirth, or anything in between, attendees leave this class series feeling transformed and prepared! 


We recognize that the role of the partner is an important one. Through our dynamic approach to childbirth preparation, they leave this class equipped to truly offer their best support. Partners play a huge role in Birthing From Within classes.


We know that knowledge is power but we also know that worries surrounding childbirth have been embedded in us since we first learned where babies come from. Part of your mindful birth preparation necessitates self-growth from an experienced guide.


birth classes fort myers

When taking our Childbirth Education Classes, you can expect the following:

  • To as a couple, become awakened to the ENORMOUS transformation that is labor and the birth of your baby

  • To learn how your birth experience can shape your relationship with yourself, your partner and of course, your baby.

  • To leave with hands-on pain-coping tools to manage the discomfort of labor.

  • To have actionable at-home activities that by practicing will build your confidence and reduce the anxiety associated with the birth process.

  • To discover the communication tools and language for conveying your thoughts and asking questions to your medical team, enabling you to gather decision making information, even in moments of pain, overwhelm and confusion.

  • To come to a deeper level of understanding regarding your new role as a parent, and how your birth can influence that role.

  • To learn about your expectations of one another and how to support each other through the early postpartum days and months.  

  • To prepare for “the unexpected” by learning about mindful inductions, mindful epidurals and having a cesarean in awareness.

  • To learn about the stages of labor through storytelling and discussion. 

  • To fully integrate Optimal Maternal Positioning (commonly known as Spinning Babies) to encourage labor's natural start, to keep labor progressing normally, and to potentially save hours of time during labor.

  • To enjoy spending time focusing on you, your partner, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and the days, weeks and months that will follow.

Let’s work together to shorten your labor, unlock the door to a more mindful birth, and not only accept, but welcome the uncertainties of labor!
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