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Meet the Mindful Birth Doulas of Naples and Fort Myers

Naples doulas near me

Meet Our Doulas

Naples doula Mindful Birth

Tara Hoverson

Certified Labor Doula

Certified Body Ready Mothod™ Pro

Postpartum Doula

Certified Lactation Counselor '24

Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR certified

Tara has the perfect balance of doula heart and mind. With her doula background rooted in Birthing From Within, you'll feel how she balances sharing information along with emotional support. Tara has had two natural births in the hospital, understanding how important pain-coping skills, support and advocacy can be. She is a Certified Birthing from Within Doula and is a trained Birthing From Within childbirth educator. She is also a Certified Body Ready Pro which helps pregnant people optimize the balance, strength and resiliency of their pregnant body. She suggests positions and hands-on techniques to create balance and space in the birthing body to support the physiological process of birth. Tara is the best of the best with over 130 births attended and always gets the most glowing reviews from her clients. 

Jennifer Rios 2023.jpg

Jennifer Rios

Certified Labor Doula

Spinning Babies trained

First Aid and CPR Certified

Postpartum Doula

Jennifer goes above and beyond to make sure the clients she serves feel heard and supported. Her strengths shine through in discerning the current needs of the birthing person and partner, and meeting those needs swiftly and intuitively. Jennifer cross trained with DONA (Doulas of North America) and ProDoula and specializes in offering non-judgmental emotional, physical and informational support.  With one natural hospital birth and one home birth of her own, Jennifer has firsthand experience with comfort measures that work, as well as over 50 births supported. She is able to relate and adapt to many different personalities and provides a calming, professional bridge with her families and providers, in any birthing situation. She is already so honored to be by your side throughout this journey!

Silvia Biello-Zilleruelo 2023.jpg

Silvia Biella-Zilleruelo

Certified Labor Doula, certified VBAC Doula

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Certified Postpartum Doula

B.A. Women and Gender Studies

First Aid/CPR certified

Silvia cultivates inclusivity, providing judgment-free support to all birthing individuals. Committed to delivering evidence-based and trauma-informed care, she passionately guides families through their unique journeys with expertise. She thoughtfully weaves creativity into her support, crafting a unique touch for each individual's journey and always going the extra mile. Certified through 'Best,' Silvia establishes herself as a valuable companion and guide in every birthing experience with her gift of support shining through during a family's most vulnerable moments that only labor can bring. Silvia also offers Placenta Encapsulation services. 

Kamber headshot edit 2023.png

Kamber McCleary

Certified Labor Doula

Certified Postpartum Doula

Peer Lactation Counselor

With nearly 150 births attended and supported, Kamber ‘doulas’ with confidence! Kamber has a style all of her own, a mix of being humble while extremely skilled at her doula craft. Her natural love of learning and educating offers the families she supports a wide perspective, while her adventurous side brings in a We Got This attitude! While she is a certified doula, her doula skills are most highlighted during your actual labor, with lots of hands-on support through hip squeezes, massage, position changes, as well as emotional support and advocacy, and her extremely calming and grounding presence. Her hope for you is a fulfilling birth experience, one that she can guide you through as you make your own informed and mindful decisions. *Not currently taking clients, as Kamber welcomed her own baby earthside 2024.

Cape Coral doula Mindful Birth

Christa Graziano

Certified Labor Doula

NRP and CPR Certified

Spinning Babies trained

Postpartum Doula

*not currently taking doula clients

A letter from our founder...

Dear soon-to-be parents,


My name is Christine, and I am the passionate founder of Mindful Birth Services. Since 2010, I have taught hundreds of couples in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples about pregnancy, birth and early parenting and I have attended more than 100 births as a Certified Labor Doula. And I love helping parents just like YOU! To help you get a flavor for what has guided my path, read on. 


This work is my life and I have immersed myself in the highest levels of education available to non-medical birth workers. My trainings and certifications began in 2009 with Birthing From Within. Shortly after, I added training through Spinning Babies for Optimal Fetal Positioning by Gail Tully, and a VBAC Facts training through Jen Kamel. I am a Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, and a respected professional in our community.


With additional passion for supporting families seeking a vaginal birth after a cesarean birth, I co-founded the VBAC Advocates of Lee County. Additionally, I am proud to be a member of the Board of Directors for Birthing From Within International (2020). I am a credible source of knowledge and supportive services in our local birth community and I take my role seriously.  You will have many opportunities to work with me alongside your doula, through our support calls, Intake Call, birth classes, social media and more.

​Expectant families come to us with their birth worries, their excitement, their skepticism, knowing much and desiring to learn more. We guide these families through what they really need to know in order to birth and parent their precious children with the sounds and feelings of abundant love and respect playing in the background.


I welcome you to our website! I am committed to doing for you, exactly what I’ve done for so many others in our beautiful community. We'll compassionately guide you through your baby's best possible start in life. This is my Promise to you!


Christine Ghali, Agency Owner, Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Coach

Christine Ghali Doula Naples and Fort Myers

Congratulations on your pregnancy

and knowing exactly what you and your family needs!

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