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postpartum doula holds newborn inthe nursery

For support beyond birth and into the postpartum period, Mindful Birth Services is equipped to accommodate your requests. Our postpartum doulas work to enable the smoothest possible transition into parenthood by enabling a sense of stability where new families can thrive.


Postpartum services include infant feeding support and focus on you, your baby and your postpartum adjustment, in addition to practical household management. Booking into 2023-24. For rates and availability, contact us today!

 Postpartum Doula Care includes ​

  • initial postpartum planning visit at 35 wks

  • postpartum checklist in late pregnancy

  • your doula is on-call for your first  postpartum visit after baby is home

  • 3 home visits of 4 hours each

  • lactation/infant feeding support

  • unlimited text support for breastfeeding 

  • postpartum education: perineal healing, nutrition, postpartum depression, physical and emotional considerations and more

  • hands-on babywearing how-to's

  • infant care, diapering how-to's

  • sleep solutions

  • postpartum doula care is reserved 12 hour blocks

  • 12hrs= 1 week (as a guideline)

 Add-on Options

  • Breastfeeding class (2.5hr, private class)


       (in your home)

Our goal: To empower you with the confidence, skills, and support you need so you can THRIVE on your own. We are there as your lifeline and won't let you fall too far; Meanwhile, we will GUIDE you through your own questions and answers as you learn your own style and philosophy of parenting. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on knowing exactly what you and your family need!

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