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Action Plan for Flipping a Breech Baby by Gail Tully

When your womb is in balance, baby is likely to flip head down spontaneously.  Baby needs to tuck his chin first, in order to point head down.  These exercises balance your body, uterus, ligaments and pelvic floor and help encourage baby to tuck his chin so he can rotate.

Must Do’s:

  1. Inversion (frequently! 3-4X/day). Keep your neck loose which helps release and relax the fascia surrounding the pelvis.

  2. Followed by Breech Tilt (up to 20 mins 3X/day) OR Open-Knee Chest (Flexion before Flipping).

  3. Side-lying Release (once/day on a hard surface. Imperative to do both sides of the body for balance).

  4. Rebozo sifting (gentle).

  5. Rest “smart”!

Other things to try:

* Moxibustion at 34-35 weeks (during acupuncture)

* Chiropractic care (adjustments and Webster technique) to loosen ligaments will let the baby put their head down more readily. (Local options include Mama’s Chiropractic in Cape Coral and Fit For Life in Naples).

* Massage to release and relax the psoas

* Journaling: Talk to your baby heart to heart, and tell him what you want- and ask your baby what he needs in this situation, too.

* ECV (External Cephalic Version): If baby is still breech at 37 weeks. Talk to your OB to determine if you’re a good candidate and what the risks include.


After The Baby Flips…

-Stop the inversions for a few days.

-Walk briskly every day for a mile or two every day for three days.

-You may resume inversions ONCE/day to keep your ligaments loose and encourage balance to remain in your pelvic floor.

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