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Breech Tilt

The Breech Tilt is a widely known inversion technique to help a breech baby flip to a head-down position.  Use this technique 1-3 times a day if you are told your baby is breech. You can start as early as 30-32 weeks and continue through to the time that you know that your baby is head down. 


Why it works:


  1. The womb hangs from cervical ligaments stretching the ligaments slightly. When you get up the ligaments relax. With repetitions, this helps the lower uterine segment become more balanced.


  1. First gravity moves the baby onto his or her head. The weight of the baby's body now bends the neck to help the chin to tuck on the baby's chest (flexion). Tucking the chin helps baby flip, just as it helps a gymnast flips. Also, the hips are encouraged to either come out of the pelvis or stay out of the pelvis. After the chin tucks, the baby is ready to move head down- if there is room to get the head to swing down and there is room in the lower uterine segment to receive the head. 

How it's done:

Get a broad plank of wood, like an ironing board. Prop it at an angle against the couch.  A few pillows around the base will help prevent tipping. Another pillow goes under your neck. Lie on the board with your head down, and your feet resting on either side of the board. Try it a couple of times to get it right. Remain on the board for 20 minutes, up to 3x/day.

You can also try putting a flashlight at the base of your cervical canal and a bag of frozen vegetables just below your breastbone. Many babies will "swim" towards the light and away from the cold! A warm heating pad can also be placed near the flashlight. 

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