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Rebozo Lift and Sift

(By Gail Tully,

Sifting, or jiggling, the entire abdomen can relax tight ligaments and may help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labor more easily, and help a birthing woman relax into her labor.  


When to do the Rebozo sifting:

  • Begin any series of Spinning Babies techniques with Rebozo sifting for 2 minutes (or until your arms are tired; longer is fine)

  • In early labor, between contractions

  • At 4 cm dilation in labor, when things are slow (between contractions)

When NOT to do the Rebozo

Done gently there is no danger.

When the round ligaments are tight or cramping in mid or late pregnancy, the rebozo wouldn't be dangerous to the baby, but could make the mother's round ligament spasm. So do only a lift and very gentle and slight rocking. Otherwise you might "set off" a round ligament spasm which hurts. If the mother isn't getting these spasms, you are not likely to set them off with the rebozo.

Do not perform vigorous or even moderate sifting with the rebozo or a rebozo substitute against an anterior placenta. This warning is intuitive, I know of no research on this. Early in pregnancy we wouldn't know and I think it would be ok if done gently without jerking, but late in pregnancy I want people to be extra careful!

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