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  • What is included in each doula package?
    We have various doula packages but our BASIC DOULA PACKAGE includes: -Discovery Call -Initial Home Visit with your preferred doula -backup doula assigned to every birth -24/7 phone, text, email support from date of hire through 2 weeks after delivery -Optimal Fetal Positioning (Spinning Babies) education and support -37 week in-home doula prenatal appointment -Continual labor support in the home, hospital or birth center from the moment you call your doula until after baby is born -In the case of a hospital transfer, your doula will accompany you -Advocacy -Position changes -Comfort measures -Physical support -Emotional support -Assistance with baby's first latch -Additional breastfeeding support -Team support through Birth Circle Gatherings -Team support through Birth Coaching calls (individual and group) -Community support through Mindful Birth Mamas Facebook group and exclusive events -Postpartum visit within 2 weeks of baby's birth UNLIMITED DOULA PACKAGE -includes all of the above PLUS -4 week Birthing From Within childbirth education series (Monday evenings 6:00-8:30p) -8 hours in-home Postpartum Doula Care services -Initial in-home visit with your Postpartum Doula
  • Are Childbirth Classes included?
    Yes, Birthing From within classes are included in our UNLIMITED doula care package. You may also add-on Birthing from Within classes to our BASIC doula care package if desired. You may always register for a class series independently from doula care if desired.
  • How do I register for Childbirth Classes?
    -If you are reserving your UNLIMITED doula care package, childbirth classes are included. Simply let us know which series you'd like and we will add you to the roster. If a class is full, we are NOT able to add more people to the roster. Please register early. Class *always* sells out. -You may also register for Birthing From Within classes independently from doula packages if desired. We will apply your class deposit to your doula care balance if you decide to add doula care. -Register early! We cannot stress this enough. -To register, go to
  • How do I schedule my initial phone consult (Discovery Call)?
    It's your first step! Go to to choose a time for your initial phone consultation. -We'll send you a text confirmation. You MUST respond to this text so you are confirmed!
  • We've had our phone consult (Discovery Call). What happens next?
    If our services feels like a good fit for your needs, we'll email you your Welcome Letter and Contract for doula services for your review. You'll mail/email the contract, pay your deposit, and schedule your initial home visit with your doula of choice!
  • Where can I access my Welcome Letter and Contract for Doula Services?
    After your Discovery Call, if you are interested in services or learning more, Christine will email you our Welcome Letter and Contract for Doula Services.
  • How do I pick my doula?
    Choosing your doula is the fun part! After your Discovery Call, head to our Meet Our Doulas page to read about our labor doulas and postpartum doulas. You can read each of their bios and determine who you feel would be the best fit for you. Christine will also work with you to recommend a doula based on personality and availablity, during your Discovery Call. The final choice is always ultimately up to you.
  • How do I pay the deposit?
    We generally only send our doulas out to your home after the initial deposit is paid. It's our services that you are paying for, not just your one doula. *If for any reason you decide it is NOT a good match at your initial home visit, we will work with you to assign you a different doula OR refund your initial deposit. The initial deposit is non-refundable after you have signed your doula contract. Pay your deposit here
  • How do I schedule my initial home visit with my preferred doula? Sometimes there's an unforeseen scheduling conflict since our doulas each make their own schedules. If that happens, she will text or email you directly to schedule another time. She will always confirm your appointment ahead of time.
  • After my initial home visit, what happens next?"
    You are officially welcomed into the Mindful Birth family! You're able to schedule your doula visits directly with your doula now, and join us at Birth Circle Gatherings, Birth Coaching calls and more!
  • When is my balance for doula care due?
    Your final balance for services is due on or before 37 weeks.
  • How do I pay my balance for doula care?
    You may mail a check to our office at Mindful Birth Services and Doula Care/11276 Reflection Isles Blvd/Fort Myers FL 33912 OR remit online via PayPal to (all credit card payments will include a 3% credit card processing fee).
  • Do I get to choose my backup doula?
    If you have a strong preference, yes. Otherwise, our office will assign a back-up based on schedules. You are always able and encouraged to meet the whole team at our Birth Circle Gatherings. (We all attend...unless we are at a birth!)
  • How do I join the Mindful Birth Mamas facebook group?
    Christine will send you a link after the office receives your initial deposit.
  • When is the next Birth Circle Gathering?
    Please visit our calendar.
  • When do I meet my Postpartum Doula?
    You'll schedule your initial home visit with your Postpartum Doula between 35-37 weeks (earlier, in some instances such as twin delivery or a history of preterm birth). Evening and weekend hours are often available.
  • How do I schedule my initial home visit with my Postpartum Doula?
    We'll email you a link to your Postpartum Doula's scheduling page prior to 35 weeks. You'll pick a time that works with your schedule between 35-37 weeks to meet her in your home. She will review your postpartum plan and discuss how she will best serve your family. Evening and weekend hours are often available. She'll want to meet your birth partner and the whole family, if applicable.
  • 8 is not enough! How can I add on additional Postpartum Doula Care hours?
    You can add on additional Postpartum Doula hours at any time through the Mindful Birth office. Postpartum hours are reserved in 4-hour blocks. Contact Christine at
  • What do I need to know about Birth Coaching calls?
    Our agency owner, Christine, is our Certified Birthing From Within birth doula, childbirth educator, birth mentor and birth coach. She offers individual and group coaching calls. Check our calendar for any upcoming group coaching calls on various topics. If you'd like to schedule an individual coaching call, email
  • Where can I find the Birth Preferences form to prepare for my 37 week doula prenatal home visit?
    Your Birth Preferences form is something your doula will give to you during your pregnancy, for you and your birth partner to fill out together. You'll review it at your 37-week in-home doula prenatal visit. This form is GOLD! We only give it to paying doula clients.
  • I still have questions. Who can I email?
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