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Abdominal Lift and Tuck

This is great to try in early or prodromal labor when contractions aren't very effective, or also to encourage a baby into a more optimal position. 

If baby isn't engaged, and contractions aren't bringing baby into the brim of the pelvis, try the Abdominal Lift and Tuck

How it's done: Mom bends her legs and tucks her pelvis upwards towards the ceiling. Doula or partner stands behind mom and gently places both hands around her lower abdomen, and lifts UP and IN. This encourages baby to move past the pubic bone and into the brim of the pelvis. Once baby's head is putting pressure on the cervix, contractions will become more effective and dilation will follow. 

Do a series of at least 10 lift and tucks, lifting for the duration of the contraction and resting (standing) in between. This will take some time, so be sure to prepare mom mentally for the duration.

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