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Open Knee chest for Breech

Open knee-chest can be used in Pregnancy to help reposition a breech presenting baby.

Do this for 10 minutes, 3 times a day if it is not possible to do the Breech Tilt.

How to do the Open Knee-Chest position



To make it easier, a helper can sit in front of the mother so she can brace her shoulders on the helpers ankles!


The Open Knee Chest means the knees are away from your pubic bone. 

The "Open" doesn't mean that your knees are far apart. They are simply hip width apart.

"Open" means there is a wider distance from your spine to your pubic bone! Your knees are as far apart as your shoulders are, so not very far apart. 

You can use a Rebozo like reigns around the mother's THIGHS to support her weight while she rests in this position and lets the baby reposition. The rebozo is NOT on the abdomen or the baby. It is wrapped on the thighs to hold some of mom's weight.

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