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You want to have a balanced view on epidural as pain-management, and this download is instantly available for you.



Part of any mindful birth preparation includes preparing emotionally, physically and mentally for the many possibilities that accompany any birth. We believe this includes preparing for medical support whether or not this is part of your birth plan and preferences. There are many reasons why parents may choose or require epidural anesthesia during labor. Our 22 page PDF "Minimalist's Guide to Having a Mindful Epidural" will prepare you with practical information about epidurals during labor, bringing mindfulness and awareness of the present moment without judgment.


Mini-topics Include:

-What are some reasons for choosing an epidural?

-What are some things I can try before opting for an epidural?

-What should I do if I do decide I want an epidural during labor?

-What does the procedure involve?

-How long does this procedure take?

-How long will the epidural last?

-Will I feel anything at all after the epidural is placed?

-Possible complications and considerations

-How can I cope through an epidural and the rest of my labor?


Whether you know in advance that you'd prefer an epidural, or if your birth plan evolves to include one, this 22-page PDF downloadable guide will answer your questions and prepare you for what is to come, giving you an idea of what to discuss further with your medical provider. Our Minimalist's Guide to Having a Mindful Epidural will give you everything you need to know (and nothing more) to understand and prevail through one of birth's toughest decisions.


You'll receive the Guide straight to your email.



Guide is authored by Christine Ghali, CD, Mindful Birth CEO

Minimalist's Guide to Having a Mindful Epidural (PDF Download)

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