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For parents who have already had an intake call with our office and are ready to secure their Postpartum doula with a deposit. 


Postpartum Doula Services include in-home support visits to the new family's home to assist with lactation support, feeding issues, sleep solutions, babywearing, diapering and more. Each visit is 4 hours. We recomment 12 hours weekly (at a minimum) for the first 2-8 weeks of postpartum. 


Postpartum Doula Packages:

12 hours of care = 1 week (3 visits of 4 hours each) 

24 hours of care = 2 weeks (3 visits of 4 hours each x 2 weeks)

48 hours of care = 4 weeks (3 visits of 4 hours each x 4 weeks)

100 hours of care = 8 weeks (3 visits of 4 hours each x 8 weeks)


Weekly visits must be pre-paid on the Sunday beginning the week of care. We will send a weekly invoice on Sundays after the initial deposit is submitted and used in exchange for care.

Postpartum Doula Services (deposit) 12-100 hour packages

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