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Testimonial Time!

Read what Christine's clients are saying.


Doula clients and parents who have taken Christine's Birthing From Within® classes are all saying the same thing; read on to hear it in their own words!

"When I found out I was pregnant I was filled with joy, excitement, and a little bit of nervousness. After our initial meeting with Christine Ghali (Chris), my husband and I knew she would be the perfect fit as our doula. She asked questions about how we imagined our birth experience would be and without judgement told us how she could help us.

Then we decided to take her “Birthing From Within” course — I'm so glad we did. Chris provided an open and warm atmosphere for us to learn how to get ready for our big day. We learned many lessons however the most important lesson was teaching us methods to cope with the challenges we could encounter during delivery. I also attended a Birth Circle (hosted by Chris) for the opportunity to meet other mothers and soon to be mothers to hear their birth stories. One aspect about Chris I love is that she guides you without lecturing.

On the day of the birth, I felt very confident in our preparedness. My initial nervousness had subsided knowing I was equipped with new tools to cope with any situation. During active labor, Chris's experience as an amazing doula became apparent and her presence truely facilitated the process to make it one of my greatest life events. To list all the ways she contributed would be too numerous but the most important are as follows:

-Advice on different labor positions

-Walked me through several relaxation exercises

-Used aromatherapy to help make me comfortable

-Intuitively knew when to give me a lower back massage (one of the nurses even made a comment that the room seemed like a spa!)

I felt I had a great support team including my husband and especially Chris who brought tons of experience to the delivery room. I knew Chris would be there for me no matter what happened and felt so fortunate to have her as my doula. I plan to have her by my side again and I highly recommend her to anyone that is preparing for childbirth."

-Charlene, mom of 1


"Hiring Christine as our doula was the wisest choice, and best financial decision, my partner and I made planning our birth. We hoped for a water birth and chose a certified nurse midwife at a birth center. I interviewed and dismissed a couple potential doulas before we scheduled an in-person meeting with Christine.  She shared her birthing and doula philosophies, and explained her role as a doula before, during, and after our birth. Chris listened as we described our preferences, desired birth experience, and hopes for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Chris provided helpful tips, recommended reading and access to her personal doula library, as well as support for the last remaining weeks of my pregnancy. When my water broke a week before our due date, she calmly assured us that she was prepared to guide and support us as we checked in with our midwife, and made arrangements to go to the birth center. As we navigated through the several decisions we had to make once my water broke, Chris remained ever-present but unobtrusive. My contractions started within hours of my water breaking but they would start and stop for the following few days as we discussed our options for encouraging active labor through a variety of natural induction methods Chris and our midwife presented and we selected.

My fiance and I slept very little during my nearly-three day labor. Chris was an indispensible member of our birth team as she ensured I stay hypdrated; delivered physical, emotional, and mental support to me (and my tired fiance); and assisted us in making safe, informed, and effective choices which resulted in a hospital transfer. At the hospital, Chris became our family advocate--her previous experience, calm demeanor, and professionalism were a haven during our birth.

I will continue to praise Christine and her doula services, and highly recommend her as a competent, caring, professional doula."

-Kate, mom of 1

"Christine was a strong, supportive presence during the birth of our daughter. We had an espescially hard and long labor and she helped to relieve pain by squeezing my hips through the night, making sure I had enough fluids and honey and remaining positive throughout. When it seemed a hospital transfer was a possibility, she helped me to summon my strength and give me the space I needed to safely deliver our daughter at home. We hope to have her at the births of all our children. 

She is a strong, happy, postive earth mama! Just the kind of energy you want during labor."

-Jamie, mom of 1

Chris Ghali is a fantastic doula! She took the time to get to know me and my husband throughout our first pregnancy. We completed the Birthing From Within series of classes with her. She listened to our concerns in the months prior to giving birth. We never felt judged for the way we wanted to give birth, in a hospital setting, but drug and intervention free. She thoughtfully answered all of my questions and relieved my worries prior to giving birth. She even offfered her support after birth while I learned to breastfeed. I truly feel that I had exactly type of birth I wished for because Chris was supporting us the entire time. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed at every stage of labor, offering massage, affirmations and a calming presence. My once skeptical husband is now convinced that every woman shold have a doula supporting her throughout labor."

-Patty, mom of 1

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