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Birth, A Play by Karen Brody

**EDIT** Original post June 2013

Save the Date!

Saturday August 31st, 2013


The Alliance for the Arts on McGregor in Fort Myers, FL

The SW Florida Birth Network is bringing Birth, a play by Karen Brody to Fort Myers!

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing piece of creative work, this grassroots theater for social change. Along with a handful of other birth advocates and community members, I will be acting in this play as part of the BOLD Movement (Birth On Labor Day). This BOLD movement is in conjunction with the 2013 Rally to Improve Birth at Lowdermilk Park in Naples. (Remember last year's Birth Rally in Fort Myers? The Birth Network is moving it to Collier County this year to inspire mother-friendly changes in our sister birth community as well).

The first time I saw the play in Gainesville FL in 2008 I had my newborn baby in arms, watching my peers act on a tiny stage in a church, completely in awe of their bravery and passion for birth. Fast-forward 5 years and a new sort of bravery and passion for birth of my own, and here we are! When my friend Angela approached me to bring Birth to SWFL, I nearly squealed. Yes. Yes! I'll do whatever I can to bring it here and make it a success. I recruited my fantastically talented theater director friend, Michelle Hayford, to join the process and she heartily agreed to back the project. She's directed, written, and acted in countless plays through her work with FGCU's Department of Theatre and Visual Arts. She believes in birth. In short, she's amazing! Angela got hard to work to secure the beautiful Alliance for the Arts theatre as our venue. Director, theatre, cast and passion for birth all came together in perfect synchronicity. Let's roll!

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