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Another June doula baby! Welcome Jameson Randall born 6.14.18

Today's birth announcement comes from our dynamic doula, Emily. Take a look at her latest, announcing the birth of baby Jameson:

doula care

At last the waiting is over! Jameson Randall Zusman graced us with his presence, born at 10:36pm on 6/14/2018 weighing 7# 8oz and perfect in every single way. Emilie and Ryan were calm and equipped for labor to begin. As Emilie's due date came and left their resolve was challenged by their caregivers impatience as Emilie approached her 42nd week of pregnancy. After reviewing their options with their doula and discussing natural ways to induce, consenting to a Pitocin induction did not come easy. With the support of her loving husband and family Emilie was at peace to move forward and made her way towards the hospital the evening of the 13th. The hospital staff went above and beyond to make Emilie and Ryan feel comfortable and have a restful evening before the big day. Ryan was confident in his role as a birth partner and proved to be an excellent source of constant reassurance. Using some of the skills that he developed during a prenatal visit with their doula and mastering them weeks before their due date, Ryan met Emilie's emotional and physical needs. Any doula would be proud! The overwhelming intense contractions that Pitocin brings coupled with the rapid rate of increase in a short amount of time cause Emilie to send an S.O.S signal for an epidural to step in. Emilie was surrounded by respectful and caring family as she eased into the pushing stage. With her mother, mother-in-law, husband and doula she had a well-oiled birthing team working in perfect harmony giving the impression we had trained together for years! Let's not forget the staff at Health Park whose nurses enjoyed hanging out in the room that had the cool music and aroma of lavender. Cheers and shouts of joy filled the room as Jameson made his entrance! Ryan says he would never forget the moment that he calmed his son with his voice. Jameson looked directly into his eyes recognizing his father for the first time! I was privileged to witness two sets of grandparents welcoming precious Jameson to the family with an abundant amount of love! What an excellent Father's Day present for Ryan.

Join me in welcoming baby Jameson into the world!

With love,

naples doula


P.S. If you'd like to have a doula on your team, book your Discovery Call with Christine to find out more about our services!


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