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Announcing Bella Orevil, born 3/14/22

We love baby announcements! Join us in congratulating Bettina and Edwin, first time parents to beautiful baby Bella! And special thanks to Doula Tara for her unwavering support.

"As a birth doula, part of my work is preparing parents for labor during their pregnancy. There are so many tools we can utilize during pregnancy to prepare our body and mind for labor!

For instance, Christine teaches pain-coping skills and mindfulness techniques in our Birthing From Within class series. I encourage my clients to practice these skills as much as they can during pregnancy so it comes easier to them in labor. I gave this advice to Bettina, a first time mom who was hoping for a birth without an epidural, and who took our classes back in January.

She graciously listened about optimal positioning, exercises, breathing techniques, coping skills, communicating with her providers, and more. But I had a nagging feeling she was not putting them into action (which she later admitted). I have to admit that while part of me fully trusted her process, part of me was a little worried.

All My Concerns Melted Away

When her labor started with days of inconsistent contractions that impeded her sleep, I got more worried. When we met at the hospital I was surprised to see how well she was coping through her contractions. All my concerns melted away. I met her in her flow.

Bettina dug deep to find an inner strength that was always within herself. She made her way through labor like a seasoned mom. It was beautiful to witness. And opened up my doula heart once again to the unexpected surprises we find in birth, to trusting the process and trusting mom as the expert in birthing her baby.

Please join me in welcoming the arrival of Bella Orevil, born 3/14/22.

My doula best,

Tara + the Mindful Birth Doulas


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