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Announcing Hazel Olivia, born 3/24/22

We love introducing new babies! Baby Hazel made her grand entrance in March, with the humble support of her backup doula, Christa. It's not often that TWO Mindful Birth babies are making their entrance at the same time but that's exactly what happened when Libby was in labor. Sometimes things work out in ways we couldn't anticipate! Welcome to the world, baby Hazel and big congratulations to 2nd time parents, Libby and Jaron!

"The universe works in magical ways. I wasn’t originally supposed to be at Libby & Jaron’s birth, but when labor started and their doula Tara was tied up at another birth, I jumped right in to support.

Meeting for the first time in the hospital room takes an open mind and lots of surrender, but I think before long we all realized there was something so special about the way the stars aligned! I am so grateful for the organic connection that sparked, and how they welcomed me with open arms during the birth of baby girl Hazel Olivia."

Congrats Libby and Jaron!

Hazel Olivia born 3.24.22

My doula best,

Christa + the Mindful Birth Doulas team


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