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Baby boy Micah Elijah is here and mama expresses her gratitude for doula care!

Thank YOU, Joanna, for your gratitude and for sharing your announcement of baby Micah's birth! Join us, Mindful Birthers, as we congratulate this precious new family of three.

"Our baby boy, Micah, arrived early on September 29, 2021 on 9:23pm. He was 5 lbs 4 oz and 18 inches long. Originally his expected due date was October 17th so being 3 weeks early threw many things off for us.

Considering this is my first birth experience, I can’t thank Emily enough for all the doula support and the techniques she offered throughout my pregnancy journey and especially while I was laboring! I was laboring for about 12-13 hours and I couldn’t have gone through it naturally without her guidance plus her help along with my husband.

We are both are extremely grateful and appreciative to have Emily as part of our birth team. She went above and beyond advocating for me to make sure I had the most optimal experience at the hospital.

Emily’s expertise, patience, and compassion to help first time moms like myself are exactly what I needed. Emily was always so helpful with tips and techniques for us to learn about and I felt like I could go to her about anything. Thank you so much for all the support you and your team have provided to us!"

-Authored by Joanna Robinson, mama of baby Micah Elijah

Join us in our congratulations as we welcome Micah Elijah into the Mindful Birth family!

Our doula best,

Emily and the Mindful Birth Doulas

Looking for a doula for your pregnancy and birth? Give us a call! Our team of professional doulas are fully equipped to support your birth and help you through the emotional experience of birthing your baby. Serving SWFL. Call us to schedule your Intake!


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