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Birth announcement for baby Zoryana to first time parents

Today's birth announcement is shared by their labor doula, Tara. Join us in our heartfelt congratulations for these sweet first time parents.

As Birthing From Within labor doulas, we often use a labyrinth as a metaphor for birth. It refers to the twist and turns every person experiences during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Inside this labyrinth, around every corner is usually something we didn’t expect and it requires us to find "the next best thing" to reach our birthing and/or parenting goals.

Karissa and Markian’s labyrinth had many turns. These turns had them using the new mindfulness skills they learned during their Birthing From Within classes and doula prenatal visits. These turns also had them digging deep during a particularly long labor, and as they navigated their baby's stay in the NICU.

“How might our perception of a stressful situation change if we viewed it as a portal to a redefining moment, an opportunity to step into a deeper knowing of who we truly are . . . or to reinvent ourselves.” - Dennis Merritt Jones

Once their baby girl was released from the hospital they found themselves in the midst of a pandemic. While this allowed them time to connect as a new family, it was difficult to not have extra support from family and friends. But nobody is meant to do this alone! Our postpartum doula, Tanya, stepped in and was able to guide them during the early postpartum period. Through it all, Karissa kept her sense of humor and summoned her inner "She-Ra". The strength and persistence this couple has shown is nothing short of astonishing.

Please join us in congratulating first time parents, Karissa and Markian, on the arrival of their baby girl Zoryana Lynne on March 12.  She weighed 5lbs 14oz and was 19.68 inches long. We couldn’t be more excited for them!

My doula best,


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