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Doula "real-talk" about courage and welcoming Aristelle Misora, born 11/8/21

Many talk of courage and bravery like it’s being fearless. As a birth doula, my view is different. I

see bravery as facing your fears. Being courageous is taking one small step forward in spite of

your fears. And when you can’t, asking those trusted souls around you for help. That is

courageous. That is brave.

In birth we are forced to face many fears and many unknowns.

Noriko exemplified this kind of courage during the birth of her third daughter. Noriko has two teenage

daughters so she knew birth. She knew the intensity and unknowns of birth. Yes, because she’d

been there before she knew there would new things to learn and experience, more unknowns.

She admitted her fears. She talked through them prenatally. She and Mario participated in our weekly

Birthing From Within class series. They were ready.

Then she faced days of prodromal labor. She coped through the unending unknowns, both physically

and emotionally. When it was time, she took the courageous steps she needed to birth her daughter with her husband

and a supportive birth team by her side. And now, as parents everywhere can relate with, she is facing the

postpartum return with the same bravery and courage. And just like with labor, that postpartum return can

feel just a little longer, a little more uncertain and a little more difficult than we expected. It may be normal,

but just a little more than what we expected.

Please join me in welcoming Aristelle Misora, born 11.8.21 to proud parents Noriko and Mario.

Our entire team is so happy for you and your whole family as you integrate into a new family of 5. With courage.

My doula best,



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