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Doula Support in parking lot C2: A birth story welcoming Rennick Ray on April 20, 2020

**Today's birth story is shared from our doula Emily's perspective, as requested by the parents. We love sharing stories written by our doula clients themselves, and we want to note that anything shared here is with expressed permission from the parents.**

"I titled this birth announcement parking lot C2 for a very good reason, let me share this amazing story of this remarkable couple! 

We were on our way to the hospital because Savannah‘s contraction pattern seemed to indicate that she was in transition. As the couple and I communicated back-and-forth while traveling to the hospital I noticed how beautiful the day was. I suggested laboring in the parking lot of the hospital for a little while maybe walking around.  She thought that might be a great idea. I arrived a few minutes before the couple which gave me time to set up what I thought would be a perfect laboring atmosphere considering the surroundings. I parked in a shaded area and opened the tailgate of my vehicle and played some welcome to labor music. The song playing was "Having My Baby" by Paul Anka. I also had enough time to put a goodie bag together with a few laboring comfort tools like a fan, a squeezy ball, snacks, a rice sock for moist heat and a cotton ball with some essential oils, (lavender) and viola, the perfect labor environment! 

To my great surprise when the couple arrived I took one look at Savannah's belly and knew that the baby was in a transverse position. That’s when the baby is laying sideways and not head down. I automatically knew that there was no way that I was going to let her register in the hospital with the baby being in that position because it could increase her chances of a cesarean birth. I looked around and I thought how in the world am I going to perform some necessary Spinning Babies techniques in the parking lot of the hospital? As fate has it we found the perfect spot (well as perfect as it can be in the parking lot of the hospital). There was a nice shaded bench and no one around. We used the material we found in my car like a blanket for the bench, cushioned kneepads for knees and elbows, and set up the bluetooth speaker with some relaxing music and we all went to work! 

What I found so astonishing and amazing is the way Savannah was willing to go with the flow and do whatever it took to help deliver her baby in the path of least resistance. 

The loving and gentle way Josh supported her with hugs and kisses and fanning her occasionally with the lavender soaked cotton swab filled my heart with so much love that it made me smile inside and out. 

I realized the trust that she surrendered to me while I suggested these very awkward positions in a very awkward place . We were grateful for the occasional breeze and a form of isolation due to the lack of traffic in the parking lot which made me feel like everything was working out on our behalf. Especially when right before our eyes we watched sweet baby Rennick turn from his sideways position to a head down position! The excitement was so great we gave each other a high five!

After getting Rennick in a more optimal position the contraction pattern changed and spaced out enough for us to decide to labor a little bit longer in the parking lot instead of going back home which was a 40 minute ride. As lovely as it was in the parking lot with the sounds of the birds and an occasional breeze we knew that laboring in this tailgating fashion wouldn’t be beneficial for her rest.  

The decision was made to register and get comfortable in the hospital room which meant having to choose between her partner or her doula for support while being in the hospital because of the new regulations that were in place due to COVID-19. Only one support person was allowed in the laboring unit. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the couple to make this decision. I remember getting teary-eyed while watching them say goodbye to each other as she walked into the triage room alone! 

I felt like I was watching my daughter go to school for the first time on her own knowing she was capable to manage but still wishing I could be there to help her through. 

I now transitioned from hands-on support to distance doula support. I knew they were prepared and I had complete faith in Josh’s ability to support Savannah. 

I kept Josh company In the parking lot while we waited for Savannah to get a laboring room on the maternity ward. Josh shared with me how they met and a little bit about their journey together. 

I enjoyed hearing their life story and I am thrilled and excited to introduce baby Rennick Ray Ferlita, born by a successful VBAC on April 20, 2020 weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. and stretching 21.5 inches long .

I look forward to hearing more of this fabulous story coming from the couple."

In doula kindness,



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