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Emmett Hunter born via induced labor on 8/27/22 to incredible first time parents, Taylor and Brian

Thank you to our amazing doula Christa for supporting this family and their birth including all of the unexpected surprises that came along with it. And heartfelt congratulations to mom and dad, Taylor and Brian!

Having a provider that you trust is such an important part of your childbirth journey.

Every birthing person deserves to be heard and feel seen, so what do you do when someone on your birth team no longer makes you feel safe and supported? You switch it up!

Taylor and Brian knew their rights and options, and unfortunately had to fire their Dr mid-induction when it was clear the relationship was no longer in alignment.

In-stepped the Drs who work for Health Park, called the "Hospitalists,” who instantly provided all of the reassurance and validation that their original OB was unable to offer.

While these types of situations don’t happen often, it is important to know that you do not have to settle, and you deserve a Dr that is in your corner.

I am so proud of the way Taylor and Brian worked together to navigate such a challenging, and lengthy induction. With the new team in place, Taylor was able to confidently surrender to the labor process. Baby boy Emmett Hunter made his arrival on 8.27.22. Congrats to these first time parents!

Our doula best,

Christa and the Mindful Birth Doulas


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