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Join Arabella's Fan Club! Born at 27 weeks on 9/21/21 weighing 2.5# This Little One is a Fighter!


My name is Arabella and I wanted to share my journey and birth story with you. It started before I was conceived in April when my parents were determined to start a family and went through several of processes spiritually, physically, and mentally to prepare for pregnancy.


On April 12th, my parents found out I was in the womb and ready for this 40-week journey. My mom was excited, scared, shocked, in disbelief but overall overjoyed with happiness. At the first doctor appointment my mom was told she was high-risk and was on edge and overwhelmed. She was being watched closely from several of doctors and early on had to switch offices and care teams and realized she needed to create her own advocacy team to keep her stress down and have some consistency. It was all scary and stressful because this was her first pregnancy that made it past 1st trimester.

In her 1st trimester I knew my mom needed some comfort, so I supported all her cravings of pizza, chicken nuggets, diet root beer and flaming hot Cheetos (OH MY). Everything was going well at each appointment my parents were so excited to see me grow and develop and I would make sure I waved at them constantly having my hands by my face and striking a pose.

Going into the 2nd trimester everything was going smooth and mom finally felt comfortable until she was admitted to the hospital when I was 23 weeks to find out her cervix was shortening. It was such shock and scare for both parents and they went through all the emotions but stayed positive and optimistic. After four days everything was good and stable.


I wanted to show my mom we both were strong so she did her part being on bedrest and following all the Dr. orders and my

dad did everything he could to support her, even buying a rollaway bed for the downstairs. Two weeks later at a follow-up appointment my mom didn’t know that the Dr. she would see that day would be the one that changed her life forever.

At that appointment, the Dr. was concerned about fluid and immediately admitted my mom back in the hospital at 26 weeks. After testing everything came back fine and the hospital said they would keep us closely monitored until 28 weeks. We made the best of it even though scared and unsure of how the pregnancy would unfold my parents stayed positive.


In the hospital I started a fan club and used my personality to make my parents be at ease. I played hide and seek with the nurses when they tried to monitor me. I also would stay in my cozy spot and that allowed my mom to sleep comfortably. We had fun as more nurses got to know my family they would hang out in our room and constantly check on us. My parents even did their last birthing class from their room and my mom’s blood pressure was a little elevated afterwards because she watched this video of a

water birth and she was in shock of that size head and body during a vaginal birth, but she was ok.

Two days later 9-21-21 when my mom woke up things were different for her, she started bleeding and knew

that something was not right. As soon as the Dr. came, the same Dr. that admitted her started running test and as things were being eliminated, she finally said the four words that shook my mom to her core…” We need to deliver” My parents immediately talked privately and called their doula to discuss options.


The conversation took place at 12:30pm EST after the response of “go ahead” happened everyone sprung into fast action from 0 to 100. Neither one of my parents had a full moment to process what was happening and was just going with the flow with fear and faith. As my mom went into the operating room for her first time to have an emergency cesarean the last words she remembers from the Dr. was “I promise to take care of you and Arabella, you will be ok.” In that moment my mom relaxed and at 2:34pm I arrived kicking and screaming with joy. I was quickly united with my NICU team and kicked one of the nurses. She is on my current care team, and I love her. My dad was right there with me too as they quickly took me to the NICU where I had a whole suite waiting for me.

My dad and nurses were there, and he took pictures to make sure my mom would see my first moments. Since everything

happened so fast my parents didn’t have a way to call each other, so my mom was in 2hr recovery miserable and anxious wanting to see me and needed to know I was ok and healthy. My dad was also contacting family and close friends and wanted to know if mom was ok and was concerned. As soon as I was situated and hooked up to the needed support my parents were finally reunited in the recovery room.


After about 10hrs of me making my grand entrance, my mom was finally able to come visit, and she was overjoyed with happiness, joy, release, and indescribable words.

I was really happy too because I heard the voice that I listened to so long from the womb.

Now the real journey begins, I have to show mom how strong I am and assure her I will be ok and ready to go home.

My mom had to start her journey of pumping for breast milk and Dad just wanted his family home and not in the hospital and was a real MVP supporting both of us.


I was born 9-21-21 2:34pm EST 2.54lbs 13 inches at 27 weeks and 3 days.

I could breathe almost on my own with jaundice and a feeding tube and a lot of tests that showed I was in a good place.

My fan club has grown, and I am now meeting new nurses and additional hospital staff who frequently come say hello and check on me, pray for me and bring me gifts.

It took my mom several of weeks to process my birth story, she was on an emotional roller coast because once she realized that the Dr. sprung into action to make sure that everyone came out of this safely and If she didn’t that this story could have needed very differently.

In addition, I came right before my mom's 3rd trimester, so a baby shower hadn’t taken place and my nursey wasn’t set up. My parents were both overwhelmed with trying to put the pieces together of what just happened and how to move forward.

In the midst of everything my parents both were able to look at the situation as a positive outcome and are very appreciative of family, friends, colleagues, nurses, Dr.’s and the community of people that have supported us throughout the pregnancy as we work to bring me home before Christmas."

-Arabella Boss Baby Smith, born 9/21/21

Thank you sweet little one for sharing your journey with us! We are honored to have been along for part of the journey. We will never forget you, your parents, and your amazing birth story! Stay strong, sweet Arabella.

Our doula best,

Christa and the Mindful Birth Doulas

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