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Welcome, Frances Lynn! Born 8/10/20

Doula Fort Myers newborn baby

"Welcome to Earth, Frances Lynn!

After an otherwise textbook normal and healthy pregnancy, Frances Lynn came into this world six weeks early via emergency C-Section.  On the morning of August 10th, I was at work and began experiencing stomach pains. After some time, I decided to reach out to my Midwife and then went to the OB Triage center for emergency assistance. 

They began running several tests, all the while refusing to allow my partner to come into the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Each time the doctor came to give me an update on the most recent test, I called my partner on speaker phone so we could receive news together.  After a few tests, the on-call OB-GYN began to tell me that I had developed HELLP syndrome and would need a C-Section immediately as both mine and the baby's lives were in danger.  I became extremely upset and began to cry as my partner demanded over the phone to be let into the hospital.  The physician finally agreed to allow him in at that time.  She explained again the urgency of our situation and began to move me to surgery prep. 

I called my doula who came to the hospital immediately while my partner began to call family.  I was in surgery within fifteen minutes and my doula arrived moments after they had taken me into surgery and provided support to my partner.  Because of a very low blood platelet count, I was put under full anesthesia for the C-Section and was then placed on a medication that prevented me from being near my baby for 24 hours after birth. 

Frances Lynn, "Frankie,"  arrived at 2:06pm at 4lbs 4oz, but otherwise very healthy and strong for her size. She was taken to the NICU where she would stay for the next 17 days.  Our doula stayed with us the remainder of the day providing emotional support to us both. 

After weeks of emotional and physical recovery for us both, we are finally home together as a family of three and experiencing the bonding time most families get from the start.  While our experience was unexpected, emotional, and unnerving; we are thankful for our health and that our baby girl is strong and feisty.  While we had planned for and looked forward to a natural birth experience supported by our doula and midwife and we did not get to use the skills learned from Mindful Birth in the ways we expected, we found that we used them while coping with the initial pains that brought me to the hospital as well as the pain involved in C-Section recovery. For that, we are extremely grateful. 

We cannot thank our doula enough for the emotional support she provided in a time of crisis and uncertainty.  We are thankful to Mindful Birth for providing support in all types of deliveries!  -  Rihannan, CJ, and Frankie"

-Authored by Rihannan, first time mom to Frankie

-Doula'd by Tara, Mindful Birth Doula

If you're interested in learning about doula care or birth classes to prepare for your birth, schedule your intake call with our office here.


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