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Welcome Julian Atlas born 10/1/2021

Julian was born right on his due date of 10/1/2021, a feat only 3-5% of babies can pull off! Mindful Birth Doula Tara shares some thoughts about doing hard things, being right where we are supposed to be, and overcoming doubts. Join us in welcoming baby Julian Atlas, along with his proud parents Laura and Adrian and big brother Leo.

"On a day when students were off from school, I pulled up behind a school bus numbered 1018. It just happened to be October 18th.

I love when the universe/God sends me these signs. I took this one to mean I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be. Just a week ago I was questioning this very thing because life has been hard lately.

But that day, seeing that bus number took me right back to the hospital bathroom where I was supporting Laura a few weeks ago. She was in the transition stage of labor. Transition is those last few centimeters before a cervix is fully open.

And it is intense. It can take us to our to brink. We don't know if we can make it through.

We doubt our ability to do this very difficult thing that has been put before us. Laura had these doubts. But ya know what? An hour later, Laura was holding her baby in her arms and said "that wasn't that bad."

And once again, I find an exquisite life lesson in the birth process.

When we are in the hard and messy lessons it's hard to see our way through. Its intense. The path through isn't clear. That's when we need to pull our trusted people close to us to help us find our way.

Just as Laura did.

Her husband, Adrian was that person. He never left her side. He held the shower head while she focused on each contraction. He reminded her she could do this. No, they can't walk it for us but it sure helps to have someone to lean on while we're finding a small step forward.

And then the fog clears, we find ourselves on the other side. We made it through. Hopefully, with a little more awareness of our self and maybe even a little wisdom.

Sometimes we can even look back and say, "that wasn't that bad."

Please join me in welcoming Julian Atlas who promptly made his entrance on his due date, October 1st, 2021. He is lucky to have an amazing big brother Leo, who is so excited his little brother is finally here."

-Authored by Tara Hoverson, Mindful Birth Doula and mother of two teens

Congratulations again to this amazing family. We are humbled to have supported you during this piece of your journey!

Our doula best,

Tara and the Mindful Birth Doulas


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