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with Christine Ghali

THE ULTIMATE 4-week Childbirth Class

in Fort Myers, Florida


Register for your exclusive in-person class experience below and discover how YOU can unlock the keys to your mindful birth preparation, shorten your labor, enjoy the confident and knowledgeable support of your partner, and be prepared to not only handle but WELCOME labor's uncertainties. This is NOT your typical childbirth class. Prepare for an immersive, exclusive, intimate workshop experience with a private group of 4 couples.

In Class You Will:

  • Awaken yourself and your partner to the ENORMOUS transformation that you are embarking upon, and how your birth experiences shape not only your baby but your relationship with your partner and the next 18 years.

  • Learn pain-coping tools every week with actionable at-home activities to help you gain confidence in getting past your fear of labor's intensity.

  • Discover new ways of communicating with your birth providers so you can gather the information you really need in order to make confident birth decisions EVEN in moments of pain, confusion or overwhelm. 

  • Understand your new role as a parent on a deeper level, and how your birthing experience influences that role. Learn about your expectations of each other and how to honestly help each other through the early postpartum days and months.  

  • Prepare for the unexpected by learning about mindful inductions, mindful epidurals and Having a Cesarean in Awareness.

  • Learn about labor stages through  storytelling and discussions.  You'll learn what to actually DO during each stage as the birthing mother and father,  NOT the typical childbirth class way of dissecting charts and graphs or learning about birth from a medical standpoint.

  • Fully integrate Optimal Maternal Positioning (commonly known as Spinning Babies) to encourage labor's natural start, to keep labor progressing normally and to  potentially save hours off of your labor.

  • And truly, so much more.

UPCOMING childbirth classes:

Wix Online CLass IG.png

Sept 2019

9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30

Online childbirth class series 

Monday evenings | 4 weeks | 6:00-8:30p

join via Zoom videoconference

Class is live or can be recorded for later viewing

For more information about our online class experience, click here. 


Class for wix site2.png

Oct 2019

10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28

In-person class experience

Monday evenings | 4 weeks | 6:00-8:30p

4 couples only

For more information about our in-person class experience, continue reading below.


  • Class sells out 100% of the time. Please register early.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you upon online registration with information on how to access our private Facebook group for your class series, a place where we'll connect throughout our 5-week class experience and where you'll receive digital handouts, directions to class, and more. 

  • FREE GIFT As our way to say thank you for your registration, you'll receive our Birth Bundle Bonus Basket at your first class.

Do you feel like something has been missing from the way you've been preparing for your upcoming birth?


Do you feel like your partner is totally supportive but maybe just a bit like you're not on the same page when it comes to preparing for your birth?


Do you feel like  you  KNOW deep down that there's another way to prepare for your labor that doesn't involve facts and statistics, that honors your unique birthing situation and rises above standard hospital based classes?


There are hundreds of pregnant people RIGHT HERE in SWFL that have found a way to prepare for labor's intensity, welcome labor's uncertainties and even get their partner on board WITHOUT the unnecessary overwhelm and worry of  many birthing mothers in today's culture.  Have you ever wondered about the power of a Birthing From Within class experience?  

Birthing From Within's mission is  to prepare parents to give birth-in-awareness, not to achieve a specific outcome. We prepare parents for any birth option which might be right for them, whether it be a natural birth,  medically supported birth, VBAC, homebirth, or anything in between.  Fathers and birth partners play an important role in birth, and they are able to offer their best support when they, too, are supported and respected through our dynamic approach.

Experience the power of a Birthing From Within class! You deserve it. 


  • "We really enjoyed Chris' Birthing From Within Childbirth Education Class. It really helped my husband understand why I am planning a natural birth and how he can support me throughout the journey. We learned ways to prepare for pain-coping and so much more. We wouldn't feel this prepared without having taken the class." Jill, mom of 1

  • "I think this class increased my spouse's awareness to the unique feminine emotional/physical/spiritual process of birth, and helped him recognize my personal needs in many ways. If you had a Birthing From Within Part II I would be the first person to sign up. So grateful to have met and experienced this class with you!" -Sierra, mom of 2

  • "I met Chris through a friend and as soon as a found out I was pregnant, I told my husband, a couple of friends and contacted Chris to be our doula before I even chose a healthcare provider. It was the best choice we could have made. She checked on us throughout our pregnancy, we took her amazing birthing from within class and she was amazing during our crazy labor. I can’t recommend her enough. I would also recommend her birthing from within class to anyone, even families that have given birth before, like us. We learned so much from her!" Alyssa, mom of 2

  • "Chris' classes were fantastic and expanded our minds to things we could apply to other aspects of life as well as to birth. Both my husband and I were glad we attended them even after taking hypnobirthing classes while pregnant with our first child. Chris is very respectful, listens intently, and offers support with a wealth of valuable information and resources. She has such gentle ways of speaking, no matter the subject. She helped me get through unexpected moments leaving me more calm and confident every step of the way." Amy, mom of 2

  • "I found Mindful Birth when I was searching for doulas online and I am so so happy I did. I gave Chris a call and she was so honest and reassuring with any questions or concerns that I had; I knew I could trust her immediately. We met up and discussed the doula options and after taking the 4 week in person class with Chris we decided to make her our distance doula. The classes were amazing for both my partner and I to better understand each other throughout the labor process and during delivery. So much different than our first time. We didn’t have anyone to guide us and I felt so alone during everything, but with Chris and the classes I was so much more confident and comfortable and so was my husband. I was actually able to give birth without any pain medications, which was the goal! I would HIGHLY recommend these classes for anyone looking for ANY type of birth experience!!" Sarah, mom of 2

  • ''Chris came highly recommended from a new mama friend of ours. Taking her Birthing From Within class helped ease my worries and helped my husband become an even more supportive partner. After our first class he said to me, "I had no idea I could be so involved." Her support and insight as our distance doula meant that we spent more time laboring at home and very little at the hospital. We are endlessly thankful that Chris played a part in bringing our little babe into the world." Nanette, mom of 1

A note from Christine


Since 2010, I've taught hundreds of couples in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples and have attended over 90 births as a Certified Labor Doula, achieving the highest level of Birthing from Within certification - a four-year+ process.  My training also includes Spinning Babies for Optimal Fetal Positioning by Gail Tully in 2013 and a VBAC Facts training in 2014.  

I'm a Certified Doula, Certified Birth Mentor and Certified Childbirth Educator, and have been creating Mindful Birth Services and Doula Care in SWFL since 2009. I co-founded the VBAC Advocates of Lee County and was recently invited in 2018 to be on the Board of Directors for Heritage Midwifery School in North Port, FL as well as the Board of Directors for Birthing From Within International. You're in good, experienced hands.  

I've often mused over the question: What do I enjoy more, teaching or providing doula care? It's a tough call!  I absolutely love teaching Birthing From Within® classes and seeing the mind-shift and the confidence of my couples soar.  I've mentored hundreds of couples in my classes since 2010. I've immersed myself in Birthing From Within training almost daily and have worked my way up to their highest level of certification.  I take my training seriously and my couples reap the benefits.  Birthing From Within places a strong emphasis on the emotional component of birth preparation, and this is an area of expertise that you'll find as a huge benefit of taking a Birthing From Within class.  How much can we really "read" about birth basics, anyway?? There is more to your preparation than facts alone. In addition, I've been trained by Gail Tully (Spinning Babies) on Optimal Maternal Positioning and bring my skills and knowledge to the classroom to teach you how to position mom and baby to encourage labor to progress normally.

Your birth worries, excitement, skepticism, knowing too much and desiring to know more, it's all normal!  I'll guide you through what you really need to know to birth your baby.  Promise.

Feel Confident in your Preparation

If you're the kind of person who is ready to play BIG and take responsibility for your birth preparation, if you're ready to awaken yourself and your partner to the important roles of becoming the birthing mother and father, and you're not afraid of introspection as part of your preparation, Birthing From Within is for YOU.

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