Top 10 things I love about our birth community: A community resource list

**EDIT** Original post January 2014

One of the things I love about being a doula in Fort Myers is that I get to be a part of a bridge between our birth communities, from Naples up to Cape Coral. If you are expecting, you are LUCKY to be in our community! As Doc John from Mama’s Chiropractic summed up, we are lucky to even *have* a birth community, when so many states have outlawed midwifery care and free standing birth centers are unheard of. As an example of our lil’ passionate community, when I asked Samantha McCormick, one of our local CNM’s, what’s the one thing she loves most about our birth community she said, “One thing? That so many moms are educating themselves and seeking the kind of birth care they want. I have to say that I think that having a birth center in the community raises the standards for all births. Ask me an easier question!” Yep, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing. So in that spirit, I have brainstormed 10 of the things I love about our birth community, which has evolved into a community resource list of sorts, complete with clickable links. Share with your friends, your sisters, your pregnant co-workers. Every pregnant mother should be so lucky to connect with this list!

What I love:

1. My doula sisters-

When I asked a couple of my trusted doula sisters what they love about our birth community, here were the answers I received:

“We are all in this together!"

"We are small but mighty. We have only a few people making changes, but we do the work of many because it's important to us."

And, "It's great to have more people offering more services, from a greater variety of places, more choices."

For me, I love that we can pool our resources to better serve the moms in our community, that we can refer to each other, back each other up, get together to laugh over wine (or IZZE!), share birth stories and dream up a stronger, more cohesive birth community. Not sure how a doula can help YOU in your birth journey? Check out more info here. I love this quote: