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birth affirmations

Your body responds to images and pictures that your mind creates. That's why you'll hear about "birth affirmations" for pregnancy and labor!

If all you hear in your mind is "I don't want a c-section!!" then what image is it that your mind is left with? That's right...a cesarean section.

Now if you replace that with something like the above, "Breathe in to relax; breathe out to open; and let your cervix melt away like ice on a sunny day," what image does your mind create?

Feel the difference?

Now, go and find some more birth affirmations and you're on your way to having some influence over the images and messages in your own mind, and creating your most satisfying birth!

If you found this article helpful, leave me a comment below and share around with your pregnant and birthy friends! Here are some other blog posts you might find useful, too:

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