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Birth Announcement: Twins! Everley Shay and Ellerie Drew

Congratulations times two! Twins Everley Shay (3#) and Ellerie Drew (5#) were born on 6/5/16 (7:33p) and 6/6/16 (12:09a), a few hours apart, determined to show their individuality right from the get-go! I am so over-the-moon happy for first time parents Taylor and Phil as they welcome their sweet daughters to the world.

These girls were born at 32 weeks after an induction for medical reasons, and this amazing couple received top-notch care from their birth team who supported and encouraged a vaginal delivery from day 1.

I was Taylor's "Distance Doula" and was able to offer advice and encouragement prenatally, tips for dad during labor as well as questions for mom and dad to consider asking their team of doctors along the way. It was the next best thing to being there and I'm ecstatic to have mentored this family through their birth journey. Congratulations to this beautiful new family of four!

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