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Birth Affirmation: Positive birth team

Today's birth affirmation is for any and every birthing mother imaginable. As mothers, we each do the best we can with the information we have at any given time. For some mothers, we have thought about our birth team for quite a while, often as a result of a less than ideal first birth experience or sometimes as a result of the culture in which we were raised (i.e. if your mother had a homebirth, you may be inclined to have the same or maybe even avoid it at all costs, depending on what stories were portrayed to you when you made your first impressions in your mind of what you were told). For other mothers, we haven't given much thought to our birth team and put our trust and faith in whomever was in our life path at the moment we were searching for a birth provider. Still others have their birth team picked out but due to unforeseen circumstances, that team of providers was unavailable at the time of birth for any number of reasons (a vacation, say, or an illness).

I'm here to tell you that whoever is on your birth team at the moment of your child's birth is just right for you and your baby. It all unfolds perfectly, even if we need some time or the gift of hindsight to see it that way and understand it.

Meanwhile, as the birthing mother I want you to revel in the positivity of being proactive and surrounding yourself with just the right individuals to make up your birth team *in this moment*. Don't leave it up to chance! Seek out your midwife and meet her backup and maybe even her birth assistants (or doctor and his or her nurses); seek out your doula, do the hard and sometime emotionally uncomfortable work early so you can relax into the rest of your pregnancy.

And tell yourself, "I am happy to surround myself with a positive birth team who is just right for me and my baby."


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