Birth Classes in Fort Myers

Hey Fort Myers! I wanted to take a quick minute and let you know that my next birth class series starts up in February and registration is open for those due in late February, March, April and May.

Lots of people wonder if birth classes are necessary. What do you think? If you've taken my class, was it valuable to you? What was your biggest takeaway?

Are Birthing From Within classes different from other birth classes? Yes! My class is focused on YOU, not on loads of book assimilated information, and the content of class changes to meet the needs of the couples in class. I'm not too interested in what's on your birth plan, meaning that no matter what your plans are, birth is bigger than that. A quality birth class focuses on making space for all different kinds of births and decisions, and really prepares you no matter how your birth plans unfold. Your birth holds lessons for you that go well beyond the "natural birth vs. epidural" dichotomy, and *that* is what sets Birthing From Within birth classes apart from the rest. While I do hope that your birth unfolds as easily and quickly as you wish, a quick scan of your girlfriends' births will tell you that is not always the case! Am I right? Birth class will NOT help you achieve one outcome over another. My class WILL help you make sense of your journey and how you can cope with the deep changes in yourself, your partner, your relationships and your family life after baby. Of course, some practical information is necessary in your preparation; read on for more of what you can expect to be included in class...

Upcoming birth class series is held every Monday night in February (4 classes in total) from 6:00-8:30p. Partners attending is a must! (If your partner cannot attend, you may be better suited for the online virtual birth class series which debuts this summer).

If your EDD is in late February, March, April or May this is a class for you to consider. It's fantastic for first-time parents and also rich and valuable for second-timers as well. VBAC parents breathe in Birthing From Within like fresh air. Class is appropriate for homebirthers, hospital birthers, ALL birthers who feel that something has been missing in how they've been preparing for their birth. Class caps at 5 couples and I've currently got space for 2 more couples in this series.

What's Included

  • Access to me, your Birth Mentor, Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator. Having a background in Birthing From Within sets a unique framework for how we talk about and learn about birth and ourselves. It's a very holistic experience, much more than assimilating book knowledge and information.