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Birth Announcement! Baby girl Burick, VBAC, Homebirth

I could not be any more excited to help welcome this little darling girl into the world! Baby GIRL Burick (still waiting on a name, no rush) arrived on Friday 9/16/16 at 1:41pm, right at home to her mom and dad, Allison and Joe. Baby girl is a perfect 9#15oz and is already loved by big sister Gabby and big brother Jackson.

I nearly didn't take on this birth since September is a busy month, especially with it being a month that holds Birthing From Within class series. BUT...I CANNOT pass up a homebirth, especially after meeting this amazing mama and her crew. They are one of those families that are just bursting with love, not to mention their wit and sarcasm that made for a wonderful doula match. At this birth, I felt like I was right where I needed to be.

Mama worked hard for this birth, her 2nd VBAC and her first baby born at home with the help of a Licensed Midwife. Her entire birth team ROCKED and the scene was one of experience, love and support. Of course there were some hairy moments, just as ALL births hold. But mama made it through, kept her mind calm amidst uncertainty and Mama'd UP at all the right moments. Super proud of you, Allison!

Join me in welcoming baby girl to this new family of FIVE!


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