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Birth Affirmation: Fill up your boat, stay on top of the wave

Birth affirmations not only offer your own mind something to hold on to during late pregnancy and during labor; birth affirmations give your partner (often baby's father, or your female friend or relative) something tangible to look to and even hold and recite when they are in the midst of your labor's intensity and want to help you...but have forgotten what to say or do.

Here's one that I've organically added to my repertoire when I doula at a birth. I find that birthing mothers identify with the imagery of the waves, and filling up the boat helps to give reason to focus on the breath and puts mom in control of keeping the boat afloat with her breath.

breathe in to fill your boat

How does this one feel for you? Feel free to print it out and add it to your collection as you prepare for your birth. Then, remember to ask your support person to refer to your affirmations every so often during your labor to keep your mind from racing. Remember, just like you've learned in your Birthing From Within birth class, we can't "control" what happens in birth but we CAN influence our own mind and thoughts.

Below I've included my top 5 birth affirmations to date (click on the image to read an additional blog post):

Divine timing

Positive birth team

If you found this post helpful, leave a comment below and share with your pregnant and birthy friends!

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Relax and Open

Embrace uncertainty

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