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Birth Announcement! Welcome HBA2C Baby Enzo

Join me in welcoming Enzo Luca, 8# 6oz, third child of Julija and Vincenzo Cartelli, born Wednesday morning at 5:45 in the water, at home. May 31st was already a special day; Enzo chose to arrive on his big brother's 4th birthday! How many people can say they share a birthday with their brother? How special! And big sister Juliana gets the special treat of being the only girl. A truly blessed family.

The story gets even more sentimental, as I recollect big brother Gianni's birth, for whom I had the pleasure of offering doula care to his mom during his pregnancy journey as well. To be present today for Enzo's birth, while sharing time with my doula baby Gianni, was a special treat!

Vincenzo snapped the pic on the right, with me putting pressure on Julija's lower back during a contraction in what is called the Double-Hip Squeeze. She was working hard through a contraction and I offered her my hands and my voice to help her through. You might see her candles and essential oils set up as well; these were essential tools for mindfulness in the moments.

I've known Julija for years now, staying in touch between births and really getting to know her heart and dreams. One of her greatest desires was to have a vaginal birth. Her first two babies were born via cesarean for differing reasons, and she was more than determined to have a vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC, for this birth. The terminology changes to VBA2C when the birthing mother has had 2 cesareans, so in effect she was seeking a VBA2C. In SWFL, it has become increasingly difficult to find a provider who will support VBA2C, but again Julija had a fierce determination. She located a midwifery practice who offered VBA2C at home, or HBA2C (homebirth after 2 cesareans). With her supportive provider and doula secured, preparation for labor's intensity through Birthing From Within classes with her husband, and a focus on her body's positioning throughout pregnancy by way of chiropractic care to encourage baby into an optimal position, she had done everything that she could to set herself up for a straightforward delivery.

The rest of the details are hers to share if she chooses; every labor holds moments of bliss and moments of uncertainty, and all are intense in their own way. Join me in my excitement for this beautiful family's dream come true. Welcome sweet baby Enzo!

With love,


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