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Birth Announcement! Arya Daniel 9.20.17

This baby and birth hold a special place in my heart, just as the whole family does. Arya Daniel was born at home on September 20th, 2017 at 7:24a weighing 6#10oz. Her birth was magical! The room was filled with love, peace, music, essential oils and dim lights. Her strong mama Samantha labored throughout the night with clarity and strength, and the wisdom she gained from her previous three births.

Mom Samantha and Dad Jason had hired me 6 years prior as their doula for the birth of their third child, Mason. Mason was their second son and their first homebirth, with big sister Cameron and big brother Hendrix welcoming him into the world. This time, Mason helped welcome his little sister Arya, along with Cameron and Hendrix. This family is pure love, and an amazing example of helping to change the culture of birth. What a gift to share with their children, the birth of their sibling, that birth can be revered and respected, anticipated and enjoyed. The eyes of all those children lit up the room! Arya was born right into her father's hands and quickly brought to mom's arms.

The rest of the details are mom's to tell, or to keep. It was my absolute joy to support this family for a second time, to be present for the birth of sweet baby Arya. Please join me in welcoming her!

With love,


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