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Emaline Jean, forever in our hearts 11/1/17

Forever in our hearts ** Baby Emaline Jean ** November 1, 2017 ** 6#9oz ** 11:46pm

In honor of baby Emaline Jean's sweet memory, I share with you her birth and passing. Emaline was anticipated for so long, with so much love in the hearts of her parents, Deanna and Ken. If I could sum up Deanna's labor in one word, it would be joyful. There was so much joy in the room all day as she worked to birth her daughter! Her midwife, myself as her doula, her nurses, photographer and others as well just carried so much joy, laughter, and bliss and surrounded Deanna and her baby with so much thoughtful care. It is these memories that I carry in my heart when I look back and think of Emaline's moments with us in that room, tucked in her mother's womb, surrounded by love.

For reasons we will never know and simply cannot make sense of, Emaline's little heart stopped beating during labor. An emergency cesarean couldn't save her. In that moment, everything changed, and our hearts burst open in grief for her and her parents. Sweet Emaline, we miss you fiercely. You deserve to be remembered. You are forever, forever in my heart. You've brought a community together as we offer support to your family, weaving together love and grief and healing.

You will not be forgotten. Your memory lives on in us and through us.

Emaline Jean, forever in our hearts.

With love,


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