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Birth Announcement! Kaydence Rae, born 6.10.18

Today's birth announcement comes from our fantastic doula, Emily. She supported this family selflessly and with grace! Take a look at her latest, announcing the birth of baby Kaydence Rae:

birth doula

Karla and Mike proudly and joyfully introduce their baby girl, Kaydence Rae Campos Andersen!

Born June 10th at 6:37 p.m, this healthy, strong and absolutely gorgeous bundle graced the world on June 10th at 6:37p, weighing 6.5 lbs. Kaydence was anxious to make her debut, catching her doula off-guard by arriving two weeks early! Mother’s intuition knows best, though, and Karla had an inkling that baby would arrive early. Karla’s labor was a little unusual in that her water broke but she was not having contractions. Karla and Mike took the matter into their own hands by using Spinning Babies techniques to jumpstart labor among other things, and ultimately trying the NOT so delicious midwives brew recipe. After 12 hours of inconsistent contractions, the almost exhausted couple decided it was time to head to the hospital. Karla was approaching 24-hours with ruptured membranes and found herself facing some difficult birth decisions. Mike was such a strong support in the most loving way to his wife. Despite my reminding him to take a much-needed break, there was no way I could pry him from him being a constant presence, deciding to put his wife's needs before his own. Karla's mom was also a wonderful addition to the birth team. Karla and Mike were resilient! After roughly 24 hours of Labor, and 33 hours of being awake, this was obviously not a textbook birth, but one that took them physically, mentally and emotionally further than they had anticipated. This birth required them to draw on each other's strengths to make a difficult but important decision. They were equipped for the uncertainty of birth and were required to do whatever it took to hold their sweet, precious daughter and decided to finish laboring with a cesarean section. The remarkable contentment on Karla's face as she decided to move forward was incredible. There was no sign of hesitation, she knew what needed to be done. And so is the selfless gift of a mother’s love, doing what needs to be done for our babies, from their very first breath until forever.

I am ecstatic for this dynamic couple as they welcome their first baby girl into their family! Loving wishes,


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