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One part hair, one part dimples! Announcing our latest doula baby, Luna Bri

Emily, one of our awesome doulas on the Mindful Birth team, has quite a way with words!

Read on for her cute and clever account of

Audrey and Jonathan's birth of their firstborn, Luna Bri.

fort myers doula baby

You may be familiar with the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales? Or maybe you know Ricochet Rabbit? What do these cartoon characters have to do with the birth of Luna? You see all three of these have the ability to move in lightning speed! I knew that Audrey and Jonathan included a doula as part of their birth team in hopes to shorten their labor. They practiced their spinning babies techniques and pulled out every trick in the book, like taking a Birthing From Within childbirth class, yoga, walking and whatever else they could think of. All of that preparation paid off in a big way, along with a little bit of luck from the Birth Fairy!

I'm pretty certain that they didn't expect for their labor and delivery to go, bing, bing, bing Ricochet baby! Yes, this was the fastest, shortest, labor and delivery in history (maybe an exaggeration but it was certainly the fastest birth I've been a part of in my doula career!) Audrey went from laying on the couch watching Mad Men on Netflix to holding little Luna in her arms faster than a locomotive! (I know I am mixing superheroes and cartoon characters). Despite the whirlwind delivery, Audrey did a wonderful job maintaining her cool! She demonstrated superhero strength that rendered contraction pain powerless. I was in the elevator on my way up to the their delivery room when daddy texted me, "You're going to miss it, she's ready to push". I thought to myself, first time mom, pushing could take a while so I may still make it in time for the birth. Boy was I wrong! Two minutes later or should I say two pushes later I received a photo of mom and baby. I just laughed and laughed, so overjoyed for my clients!

newborn doula care

I joined the after party to see the most gorgeous little face covered with a full head of hair resting on Audrey's chest. Dad was gleaming with joy, praising his new Mama wife while falling head over heels over his sweet baby girl.

newborn with dad

The shock of what just happened settled in when daddy held his little girl in his arms for the very first time. You could hear a pin drop in the room; it was like the world stood still. All eyes were on him while he danced with his precious little angel. It was definitely a magical moment, and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. I'm so glad I didn't miss the very best part. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest addition to a very loving couple, Luna Bri Moore, making a speedy entrance on 10/27/18 at 9:29pm, weighing 8lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches.

One part hair the other part dimples.

In doula love,

doula emily palisano


P.s. I heard you were curious about doula care, too! You can get more info by heading here!

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