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Sometimes Birth is a Marathon...Introducing twin boys Zion and Zayden 11.6.18

Today's birth announcement was written by Tara Hoverson, who was thrilled to support this family in welcoming their twins. Tara, our Naples area doula, is the mom of two boys and and one pup. Read on for her account of India and Jason's twin birth.

Sometimes birth is a marathon

fort myers doula twins

I first met India at one of our Mindful Birth birth circle gatherings. I immediately loved her energy and outgoing personality and was thrilled to find myself in the midst of her pregnancy journey.

One thing I learned about India is that she was dedicated to having a vaginal birth with her twin boys. Even when, at the end of October, she was told at an ultrasound that there was a possible issue with Zayden’s growth and the babies would have to be born now, at 35 weeks, she was still determined to have them vaginally.

The induction is a go!

After a stressful few days of doctor visits and an admission into the hospital it was finally agreed upon by her team to induce early Saturday morning, the 2nd of November. However, in order to be induced both boys needed to be head down and Zayden was breech. While trying to come to terms with a possible cesarean due to his breech presentation, India got creative. She convinced her doctors to agree to let her leave the hospital so she could visit her chiropractor one last time in the hopes of flipping the baby head down. A lot of paperwork later and in record time (she was only out of the hospital for one hour!) her chiropractor was able to adjust India which did in fact encourage Zayden to a transverse position! And during a final ultrasound back at the hospital, they watched as Zayden moved head down! Everyone was thrilled and several nurses even came in to congratulate her! The induction would now be a go!

Smile Returned

Early Saturday morning I arrived at India’s hospital room to support her through the induction. She tolerated the Pitocin well, but there was little progress in her labor. Over the next three days, India would experience steady contractions and progress slowly but never go into active labor. I tried all of my doula strategies, the nurses gave suggestions, the Pitocin increased and her contractions got stronger, but those babies just loved their home too much. By Tuesday afternoon an exhausted India and her husband, Jason, decided they were ready to meet their boys via cesarean. The Pitocin stopped and India’s radiant smiled returned. She was finally going to meet her babies!

Zion and Zayden

India amazed me with her positive attitude and faith through this marathon of birth. For five days she showed strength, patience and determination. Her ability to keep laughing and befriend every nurse she had was down right inspiring. These boys truly have one special mom!

Zion Asher and Zayden Elijah were born on November 06, 2108. Zion was 4lbs 15oz, 18.5 inches.

Zayden was 4lbs 2oz, 17.9 inches.

Once inside the OR they found that Zayden was no longer head down and a cesarean birth would have been a necessity regardless. Their doctor also said Zion was reluctant to leave his home and actually held on! Please join me in welcoming Zion and Zayden!

In doula love,

naples doula


P.S. I'd love to support your birth whether it's a marathon or a sprint :) You can book your Discovery Call HERE.

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