B is for Bennett, Baby Bennett Lee! A sweet baby boy with a mighty tale and quite an intuitive mama

Today's birth announcement was written by our doula Emily, who had the privilege of attending baby Bennett's birth. Join us in welcoming this sweet baby boy to the most loving of parents, Sara and Matt.

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Sara was a mom long before she even conceived! Her love and her sacrificial spirit of putting her baby's needs before herself are qualities of being a great mother and she possessed these qualities and more.

When I met Sara, she explained to me how having Type 1 Diabetes may present a challenge for her pregnancy and delivery. With the support from her loving husband Matthew, Sara prepared her body and mind.


Due to her diabetes, Sara and Matthew accepted there may be an induction at 39 weeks but didn't expect that pre-eclampsia would move that induction up two weeks sooner. The night before the scheduled induction, the couple decided to try every natural remedy they could think of, and boy did their efforts pay off in a huge way! Labor went from 0 to 100 in no time! Her membranes ruptured, and this unusual intensity at the beginning of labor urged the couple to their birthplace.

After several hours, uterine contractions not only settled down but fizzled out completely, bringing the couple back to the threshold of a Pitocin induction.


Sara is what you might consider a Birth Warrior; she contended with some very challenging opposition and she depended on her intuition to make difficult decisions. Sometimes birth asks of us that we boldly and courageously cross over thresholds that completely blindside us. Sara floored her support team with her inner strength to manage the intensity of the physical experience of her labor.


Looking back at my prenatal visit with the couple, I gave Matthew (as I do most partners) a metaphorical tool belt filled with comfort measure techniques that he could bring out during labor to support Sara. I can only imagine his frustration when he discovered that the tools would be rendered useless against the intensity Sara was facing during her labor. I know without a doubt that if it were possible Matthew would have gladly switched places with Sara. It was challenging for Daddy to see her in pain, and I was proud that he allowed his wife this rite of passage of letting her find her own way using her intuition, rhythms, movement, sounds, and tapping to cope with the extreme intensity of her labor. Sara did her due diligence to research and be informed throughout her pregnancy, and knew her birth preferences inside and out. I believe this allowed her to focus her intuition during labor and she knew when a different course of action was needed with the labor she was given (much different for many of us than the labors we have ordered!). If she was not prepared with all she did during pregnancy she may have been stuck on the vision and could not be able to see what needed to happen. These are key pieces to having an empowered birth. HIGH FIVE!

A special moment sticks out in my memory: after Matthew and Sara crossed countless thresholds and conquered monumental obstacles, the OB was called in to assess the situation. Matthew and I crossed our fingers and toes and prayed while Sara was being examined. When we heard the most excellent news that Sara was given the green light to push, Matthew and I jumped up and gave each other a high-five in celebration!


Sara wanted to share a few more details about her birth that are only hers to share. They are an important part of her story; when a mom is in my presence and trusts me enough to share any part of her birth story, I take notice and listen. Read on with an open heart:

“I just want to give every momma the advice to trust that little voice in your head and do what you know is best for you and your baby! To back track just a little bit, we were originally supposed to deliver at Cape Coral Hospital with the OB practice that we loved and trusted. However, when my pre-eclampsia became too dangerous to continue being pregnant, our providers recommended we switch to Health Park Hospital for an earlier induction. At first, we were completely against it. Health Park was 30 mins from our house as opposed to 2 mins like Cape Hospital. We would also be dealing with doctors and nurses that we had never even met. We went home and discussed the options, and something told me we needed to be at Health Park.

We had no real reason to think our