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Birth; the most fulfilling workout for Baby Boot Camp owner in Cape Coral! Welcome baby Audrey Clair

Audrey’s birth announcement was written by Emily, our fantastic doula with a wonderful sense of humor. Emily is a mother of 6, and when she’s not doulaing or deepening her faith at church, you’ll find her joy riding on her Harley.

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I recall my first doula meeting with Atali and Ryan and their beautiful 2 year old, Amelia. As we talked about birth preferences Amelia never left her dad's side. At one point, I asked if they knew the sex of the baby they were having? Atali quickly replied, “Oh, we're having another Daddy's Little Girl!” Laughing, we all agreed that girls are often closer to their daddies and boys are closer to their mommies. I also remember how well-informed Atali was about pregnancy and birth related issues. I thought to myself my work here is done, just sit back and wait for the baby! I later learned that Atali owns Baby Boot Camp Cape Coral, and I put two and two together and figured out why she is such a prepared mom! With Daddy on board and with all of her preparations prior to labor, baby girl Audrey made her debut on February 12th, 2019, 10 days before her due date. All of the Spinning Babies techniques and chiropractic care that Atali practiced to prepare her body (and of course let's not forget Baby Boot Camp), paid off in a big way! (Would you believe she was actually teaching a class the day she went into labor??)

THE PHONE CALL A huge smile comes across my doula face every time I see the name and phone number of my client’s partner as opposed to my client’s. This usually means it's baby time! I'll never forget how calm Ryan was when he called me to let me know that Atali’s waters broke and how far apart contractions were. I recall feeling so excited while Ryan kept his composure. After hanging up I realized his calm demeanor may have to do partly with his background as a medic; his training must keep them cool at all times! Ryan informed me that Atali decided to make her way towards the hospital (my first thought was it may be a little early, but I've learned to trust my client’s instincts), and they would update me after checking in to triage. It wasn't long before I got the call that she was admitted at 1cm and that I should come join them.

LABOR’S INTENSITY Many women dream about having a fast labor; what they don't realize is how intense a fast labor can be. A little bit about what I encountered when I arrived: I found mama in bed after having labored in the tub. There wasn't much time to talk in between contractions because it seemed like she had one really long continuous contraction that never ended! (It was like The Song That Never Ends)! As a doula, whenever I witness a birthing mother goes from early labor to pushing in a few hours, as was the case with Atali, I’m consistently astonished by how amazingly she copes with what labor requires of her. Having a super fast labor can make it very difficult to catch your breath in between contractions, and it can also be challenging to relax your body which can become rather exhausting. I was totally impressed with how she handled each wave, using her breathing techniques and focusing inward. During the pushing stage we were joined by a very patient midwife who radiated calm reassurance to her laboring patient, encouraging Atali to listen to her body and give in to the sensation and deliver sweet Audrey. Atali did a wonderful job pushing on her side, practically catching her own baby.

WELCOME, BABY AUDREY! We’re tickled pink for you to join us in welcoming this sweet family’s second Daddy's Little Girl, baby sister to Amelia, and Mommy's littlest princess! Audrey Claire was born February 12, 2019 at 4:14 a.m. in Cape Coral Hospital weighing 7 lbs in 8 ounces. What a pleasure to have served this sweet family!

In doula love,

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P.S. We are booking doula clients in SWFL into the summer months already! Let's get you the support you deserve for your upcoming birth, too.

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